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Watch: Jeff Bridges Goes Witch Hunting In First Trailer For Much Delayed ‘Seventh Son’

Watch: Jeff Bridges Goes Witch Hunting In First Trailer For Much Delayed 'Seventh Son'

Man, Jeff Bridges sure has been slumming it lately. Okay, he suited up wonderfully for “True Grit,” but the past few years have mostly seen him sleepwalk through “Tron: Legacy,” next weekend’s sure to be terrible “R.I.P.D.” and next this sure to be turd-tacular “Seventh Son.” (Those paychecks must be nice though). Originally slated to be released in February and then this fall, Warner Bros. recently pushed the movie yet again, this time to next January. The last time they did something similar was for one of this year’s worst movies, “Gangster Squad.” Do the math.

Or hell, just watch this trailer, which is basically like an unholy mash-up between “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters” and “Jack The Giant Slayer.” While we were momentarily excited at the “The Big Lebowski” reunion of Bridges and Julianne Moore, it’s too bad that they are camping it up here, in this story following Master Gregory (Bridges), who has to chase down the evil witch Mother Malkin (Moore) who he had imprisoned imprisoned years ago, and trains Tom Ward (Ben Barnes) in the black arts to help him out. So, lots of creatures and monsters and usual fare, but looking like an unholy mess all the same. The movie based on the book series “The Wardstone Chronicles” by Joseph Delaney, but something tells us this won’t be a franchise.

Anyway, watch below. “Seventh Son” waves a wand on January 17, 2014.

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Calm down. This looks fun, and Moore and Bridges having fun together in campy roles seems like a good time.


Turd-tacular indeed. Great descriptor. Bridges sounds like he's doing an awful impression of Mr Creosote from Monty Python's The Meaning of Life. "Bettah get anothah buckkit"

Steven Flores

Sorry Dude but I ain't seeing this. Especially as it features Ben Barnes. That guy can't act worth a shit.


Very un-Dude.


This is a whole lot better if you imagine that it's an extended acid trip outtake scene from Lebowski.


What the fuck is this shit? Mega yuck! This is gonna such a mess and likely a flop. Jesus, this looks crap.

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