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Watch: New 3-Minute Red Band Trailer For ‘Riddick’ Is Vin-Tacular

Watch: New 3-Minute Red Band Trailer For 'Riddick' Is Vin-Tacular

BROS! Gotta admit, this summer has been a bit of bummer. ‘Fast 6’ was like total sex, but that was like forever ago. My girl broke up with me, I’ve got that Mr. Teal for summer school English (that dude needs to get off my jock), so I’ve mostly been chillin’ at my Moms. Nah, I didn’t see any movies because, like, “Man Of Steel“? I ain’t watchin’ no Man In Tights. “Pacific Rim“? I’d prefer Pacific Trim, nah mean? But I got some fuckin’ great news dudes – VIN IS BACK.

RIDDICK. FUCK YEAH. Can you even handle this? “Pitch Black“? Classic. “Chronicles Of Riddick“? Classic. So hell yeah, it’s been ten damn years so you know my boy Vin is bringing his A-game for “Riddick.” This has all the shit I’ve been waiting for. Bring on all those fucking aliens cuz you know what? Vinny D – you can’t even keep my boy chained – is gonna dropkick knives in your face if you get in his way and kick some fucking monster ass. Is this in 3D? I really hope so because that Katee Sackhoff looks FOINE

So bros. Friday, September 6th. My place. Pizza. Red bull. The Multiplex 36. BOOM.

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A concerned reader

Lets not mince words: playlist writers, your sense of humor, which mostly consists or wit-less snark and misguided attempts at satire such as the one above, sucks. The fact that people constantly berate you in the comments should have clued you into this fact. Either learn how to write comedy or hire someone who doesn't think using the word bro ironically is hilarious. Thanks.


LOL! People are so up tight. It's not that serious guys.


The person who wrote this needs to take some time off from writing and re-evaluate his or her life. Just an absolutely piss-poor performance. I'm embarrassed for you.


1. Sandusky joke is in very poor taste.
2. Your guys hatred of bro movies is so inconsistent. You guys hyped the shit out of White House Down until you actually saw it and realized it sucked. All I'm asking for is a little consistency bros.
3. Movie likes like a great genre flick.


Yikes. Leave the comedy to the professionals, Playlist.

What Happened to This Site?

Take a lap, Playlist. This was excruciating. Also, is it now a stereotype that frat bros are obsessed with Vin Diesel/Riddick?


I hope Broseph Dudeface reviews nymphomaniac .


You're trying too hard, The Playlist.

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