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Watch: Paul Thomas Anderson Directed Video For Fiona Apple’s ‘Hot Knife’

Watch: Paul Thomas Anderson Directed Video For Fiona Apple's 'Hot Knife'

Once both romantically and creatively involved, it’s been over a decade since director Paul Thomas Anderson and singer/songwriter Fiona Apple have teamed up. Having paired on four videos in the ’90s — “Across The Universe,” “Fast As You Can,” “Limp,” “Paper Bag” — the duo still remained friends as their lives has moved on, and now they’ve reteamed for a brand new, pretty excellent video.

“Hot Knife” is the mesmerizing album closer on Apple’s latest, impressively named album The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do, and Anderson wisely focuses on the song’s key strength: the vocals. A feat of singing and multi-tracking, the tune is layered and propelled by Apple’s voice and Anderson utilizes some simple split screen effects to underscore her performance. A nice concept that serves both the song and artist well. It should be noted that Anderson has been taking his time with this one — Apple mentioned to Interview Magazine back in June of 2012 that he had been working on it before he went off to shoot “The Master.”

Check it out below. The Idler Wheel… is in stores, and PTA is currently hard at work on “Inherent Vice.” [Pitchfork]

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Some of these comments are really frightening.


Interesting these two are working again. I'm not someone who reads to much into gossip but their relationship and why it ended always interested me since both were at their peak creative highs while together. I always heard whispers and rumors of something dramatic happening between them but don't want to believe unless there's hard evidence. In any case, it's interesting to see them working together again. Although it's a good video and song, I can't really say it's like a whoa in the way "Fast As You Can" was or "Across the Universe" or even "Paper Bag" videos.

I just wish they both would embrace a little more pop aesthetic that made their earlier work sizzle. They have both become more formal and slightly obtuse in their work. Fiona had a real hip-hop vibe going on her first 3 albums and this one is good, don't get me wrong, but just lacking that pop-punch (especially her 1st two albums). Paul's movies have gotten more formal with TWBB and The Master. Although, great they don't exactly have that certain exuberance. Hopefully Inherent Vice taps into that. That pop energy is what's always made American films and music distinct and great.


I love him and her.


Jesus Christ. Some of the comments here. People talk about The Master as if it was a Transformers movie. Get a grip. And as for Fiona, she's doing some of her most creative work ever.


Does anyone know what this is shot on? Film or digital?


Love the song but nobody cares about the video. Another example after the disaster that was The Master that Paul's career is over.


Paul is one of the greatest working filmmakers, but everything about this is the definition of "meh."


This song sucks. She made so much money off her first sets of music that since then she has done nothing but stay high, write crap music , and produce albums like this one with some obnoxious title. Fiona gets in her own way and no amount of backside kissing because someone is a friend of Paul Thomas Anderson is going to change the fact that she screwed the pooch on her own career years ago.

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