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Watch: This Bullet Train Fight Sequence Clip From ‘The Wolverine’ Might Be The Craziest Thing You Watch All Day

Watch: This Bullet Train Fight Sequence Clip From 'The Wolverine' Might Be The Craziest Thing You Watch All Day

With lots of lofty influences being tossed around by director James Mangold for the upcoming “The Wolverine” — including Wong Kar-Wai‘s “Chungking Express” and “Happy Together,” Yasujiro Ozu‘s “Floating Weeds,” “Chinatown,” “The French Connection” — we’re pretty sure none of them had a fight sequence on top of a speeding bullet train in Japan. Unless there is some lost Ozu film that we haven’t seen. Certainly, this first clip from the superhero movie doesn’t exactly scream arthouse.

Expanding on a scene teased in the trailers, here we get to witness Logan and Random Yakuza Bad Guy fighting on top of bullet train, in a sequence that’s mostly notable for being a flurry of edits. In fact, everything whips by so fast we’re not sure what exactly they’re jumping over, though it seems both of them get acclimated to orienting themselves on a moving train pretty damn fast. And while this scene still leaves some convincing to be done about what the final result of “The Wolverine” will be, we have to say, we’re kinda digging that score from Marco Beltrami.

“The Wolverine” books a ticket on July 26th.

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dash rendar

reminds me of a train ride i once took on Ord Mantell.


You guys don't see the Ozu references littering the screen!? How about the moment when…. when… uh…. yeah, I got nothing.


That score is terrible


I've got to say, that action sequence was pretty well executed. It's refreshing to watch a comprehensible action scene in which you have a good sense of the spatial relationship between the characters, even with the heavy cutting. Not much about the ad campaign for "The Wolverine" has been too impressive so far, but that clip really looks like it gets the difficult balance between gritty and comic book just right. I'm not completely sold yet, but its a step in the right direction.




Awesome, like a condensed version of the far superior "Mission Impossible" climax.


That is just bullsh$%#@t

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