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What New Cities/Theaters Is ‘Fruitvale Station’ Opening In This Weekend?

What New Cities/Theaters Is 'Fruitvale Station' Opening In This Weekend?

After a stellar opening box office weekend, last weekend, Fruitvale Station will expand to select theaters in 18 NEW cities, this weekend, beginning on Friday, July 19.

Is your city on the list? See below. And if it’s not, don’t fret, the film will expand to theaters nationwide, the following weekend, starting on Friday, July 26. So you’ll have to wait another week to finally see what the hype around the film is all about.

But for cities/theaters where the film will open this coming weekend, July 19, see the list below:

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If you can, if it's coming close to you, go see this movie. The script is great, the acting is spot-on and the directing is crazy-good! Living in the Bay area (and traveling through all these bart stations), this film stuck with me. It hit almost too close to home in my heart, because even though it was 4 years ago…watching it opened wounds I thought had healed over. Put this on your list. It's gonna hurt, but you need to see it.


I saw (on TV this morning) they filmed the shooting scene at the real fruitvale station. The whole cast had a moment of silence before filming those scenes. The idiot cop said he meant to pull his tazer and served like only a year. Justice system?

Truer Than Thou

This film was good. It didn't have a third act though…
That's because we're living it now.


Headed straight to the theaters after work on Friday to watch this. Lived up to the hype. Will probably see it again before the weekend is out.


It better be coming here in Fl., I'm waiting. This state is always slow to roll out Black Films.


I got up, skipped breakfast and went to the Arlington Mall for the first showing at 9:50 AM. I saw more whites than blacks in there and at least saw 1 white person crying at the end. I left that movie feeling so numb that I had to go home and lay down. I was fine until Oscar got shot.

And you know Florida won't be showing this film for very obvious reasons. It might be safe to avoid that state for awhile.


No florida openings ?……Hmmmmmmmm.

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