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While You’re Waiting For ‘Gravity,’ Watch This Dazzling Trailer For Alfonso Cuarón & J.J. Abrams’ NBC Show ‘Believe’

While You're Waiting For 'Gravity,' Watch This Dazzling Trailer For Alfonso Cuarón & J.J. Abrams' NBC Show 'Believe'

NBC has been a punching bag lately, and not without good reason. The one-time kings of network ratings have tumbled from their dominance of Must See TV Thursday to pretty much For The Love Of God Watch Us On Any Night Please TV. And while NBC’s past found them bringing massive, game-changing comedies like “Seinfeld,” “Cheers,” and “Friends” to air, is cutting-edge drama going to define them moving forward? This year alone they defied all expectations and impressed both critics and audiences with “Hannibal,” a richer than expected and very fresh take on the character. And next year, will “Believe” join its ranks?

To be certain, we’ll be watching because this new trailer is pretty outstanding. The show, executive produced by Alfonso Cuarón and J.J. Abrams (with Cuarón directing the pilot) centers on a girl with special powers of some kind that will fully come to fruition in seven years. She comes under the protection of a man recently sprung from prison who attempts to shield her from those trying to hunt her down. And like we said, this looks very, very good—it’s all pretty captivating stuff, with a nifty concept and oh yeah, Delroy Lindo

“Believe” arrives in 2014. Watch below.

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looks like its inspired by adam the dreamhealer


I don't invest my time in much network television any more but this looks fantastic. I will certainly give it a try.


What exactly is promising about this?


Dazzling? Hardly. Potentially promising? Maybe, given the pedigree (although I'm beginning to think JJ Abrams name is literally starting to become a symbol for all flash and mirrors and no satisfying payoff). But this trailer is far from dazzling. However I do have to admit to at least one bias that affected that opinion; I immediately groan when church/religion gets involved.

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