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‘American Sniper’ With Bradley Cooper Will Have To Target A New Director As Steven Spielberg Drops Out

'American Sniper' With Bradley Cooper Will Have To Target A New Director As Steven Spielberg Drops Out

Usually known for moving with confidence from project to project and working at a prodigious rate, it would seem that Steven Spielberg can’t settle on his next film. For a while, it looked as though that the blockbuster “Robopocalypse” would follow “Lincoln,” but he put that on hold at the beginning of the year. Then this spring he put his name to “American Sniper,” a project that seemed right up his alley with Bradley Cooper attached to star. But now it looks like he’s not ready to direct that one either.

Deadline reports that Spielberg has dropped out of directing the movie, along with DreamWorks who were co-producing the picture with Warner Bros. Based on the autobiography of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, the Jason Deal Hall (“Spread,” “Paranoia“) penned adaptation tells the story of sniper who, in a ten year career, bagged the most kills in Army history, leading Iraqi insurgents to place a bounty on his head. However, as you might expect, the work put a strain on his marriage and homelife. Cooper himself is producing, and picked up the rights to the book last year, and he will have to start looking for another helmer. Why did Spielberg leave? Apparently, he “couldn’t square his vision of this movie with the budget.” Mo money, mo problems.

No word yet on any contenders to step in, though we could easily see Cooper talking it over with his new pal David O. Russell. Also no word on what Spielberg might gravitate towards next, though he likely has his pick of projects to choose from. 

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I'd rather have David O. Russell direct the JFK project "Legacy of Secrecy" that he is attached to write/direct and with Leo DiCaprio and Bobby De Niro starring. But anything David O. Russell does is brilliant.


Obviously Spielberg isn't all that he's cracked up to be if he can't make a movie because the budget isn't high enough. Whatever happened to innovation?

SI Filmmaker

I think Spielberg needs to take a break and write a script.

Ken Guidry

I'd like to see David O Russell do American Sniper. But after American Hustle and then American Sniper, he'd have to complete his "American _____" trilogy

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