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ANIME TRAILER: “Magical Girl Madoka / Magika, Part III”

ANIME TRAILER: "Magical Girl Madoka / Magika, Part III"

Warner Bros. will release Magical Girl Madoka / Magika, Part III: The Rebellion Story on October 26th in Tokyo. The film, based on a popular Japanese TV show about girls possessed by magic, is an all-new part of a trilogy based on the original series. The feature will be screened in North America later this year by Aniplex of America.

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There is an (official) English subtitled trailer (same video, but with subtitles): watch?v=HnGESq_CiQY

I love this series and saw the first 2 movies in a theater. I'm hoping to see this one as well (I think it'll come to the same theater, there were about 200 people there when I saw it).

Nic Kramer

I didn't know Warners still releases Animes.

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