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Anticipating Spike Lee’s Remake and Want to Watch the Original ‘Oldboy’? Don’t Go to Netflix.

Anticipating Spike Lee's Remake and Want to Watch the Original 'Oldboy'? Don't Go to Netflix.

Want to watch or revisit the Park Chan-wook’s “Oldboy”? Don’t look to Netflix — unless you want to see a dubbed version of the classic violent 2003 thriller.

Search the Internet for complaints from users trying to get a Korean language English-subtitled Watch Instantly version of the film on Netflix, and you’ll see there have been people pointing out Netflix’s dubbed streaming version of the film since at least 2010.  

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Newer posts on a Screened message board also note that the UK version of Netflix has a Korean language English-subtitled version of the film to view.

Netflix has gotten in trouble with its cinephile fans recently for not quality controlling some cropping on its films, complaints to which they’ve responded, saying they don’t crop but sometimes upload the wrong version of a film sent from a studio.

American users who want to see the film in the original Korean with subtitles will have to watch it with commercials on Hulu.

Here’s the direct link to the film from Hulu.

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joe webb

I just got through watching Oldboy on Netflix streaming and it wasn't dubbed! It had the original audio and English subtitles. I started the movie over my lunch break and it was the crappy dubbed version. After about 30 minutes I had to stop. When I came back to my computer about 8 hours later, it was suddenly in Korean. I don't know what changed midday but I'm glad it did.


HuluPlus has "Oldboy," letterboxed and subtitled — though I haven't looked at it on my TV. I don't think it's in HD — just standard (DVD) resolution.


Just buy the movie. You'll get your money's worth. Trust me.


Oh come now… you can catch the subtitled version on any number of pirate sites on the net.


I watch a lot of Japanese anime on Netflix. I like it because I can pick the Japanese or English dialogue. I've also watched a lot of foreign movies. Seems the author is grasping at straws. The cropping thing isnt Netflix 's fault at all, you even state it in your own article. The companies gave it to them that way. They probably didn't sort through it for the same reason YouTube misses things : high amounts of content and traffic.


What about the DVD/Blu-Ray. I can't imagine that being dubbed. How about some physical media advocacy here.


What do you expect for $8 a month . Go rent the movie on Bluray for $4 or buy the bluray/dvd and stop complaining you cheapskates.


Same with the Ip Man movies, which I tried to watch before seeing The Grandmaster.

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