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Benedict Cumberbatch Has a Message for the Paparazzi: “Go Photograph Egypt”

Benedict Cumberbatch Has a Message for the Paparazzi: "Go Photograph Egypt"

While filming the latest season of “Sherlock” on August 18, actor and heart throb Benedict Cumberbatch had a politically-conscious message for the paparazzi. 

While the photogs attempted to snap pics of him, Cumberbatch held up a hand-written sign, covering his face, that read:


Cumberbatch, who was last seen as Khan in the most recent “Star Trek” entry, and who plays the bleach-blond Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in the upcoming Oscar season hopeful “The Fifth Estate” (the popular actor’s also got Steve McQueen’s “12 Years a Slave” and John Wells’ “August: Osage County” in the pipeline, and plays CG dragon Smaug in the next installments of “The Hobbit”), stars as the eponymous lead of the hit Brit series. Martin Freeman (“The Hobbit”) plays Holmes’ trusty sidekick Watson.

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All of the cast and crew were being snapped by one single local Cardiff photographer, who mostly takes pics for Wales Online hardly a "paparazzi". They were shooting on a public street and no other cast or crew member was so pathetically precious about it. Cumberbatch is the one ferociously pursuing a Hollywood career so if he can't take the heat maybe he needs to go back to the theatre where the actors work rather than the professional celebrities.


Ridiculous. These celebrities pursue and court the media, then act as if they are irritated and offended. Why doesn't he just dress nicely and shave wherever he goes, dress nicely, and stop having his publicist call paparazzi when he goes out? Better yet, why doesn't he just fire his publicist and focus on doing the WORK, instead? Celebrities who cry crocodile tears over paparazzi are bordering on disgusting, and at the very least enormously insincere.


Ah, so he's pretending to care about Egypt so people will fawn over him. I sincerely doubt he actually cares about anything that is happening in Egypt.


demand and supply is a funny thing.

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