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Blu-Ray Buzz: “The Puppetoon Movie”

Blu-Ray Buzz: "The Puppetoon Movie"

It’s tough-sledding these days for classic animation collectors with less and less being made available on DVD and Blu-Ray. But here’s some good news. A boutique video producer/distributor, B2MP, Inc. has licensed Arnold Leibovit’s 1987 compilation feature The Puppetoon Movie and is making it available exclusively on blu-ray. 

Here’s a heads-up for this blu-ray set of vintage, Academy Award winning Paramount  Techincolor animated shorts from the 1940s. The two-disc collection will be available in October – and only 3000 copies will be produced (that’s the attractive cover above). In addtion to a newly re-mastered High-Def copy of Leibovit’s feature – which bridges ten classic Pal Puppetoons with an all new stop-motion framing story starring Art Clokey’s Gumby and Pokey (voiced by Dal McKennon), narrator Paul Frees (as Arnie the Dinosaur) and cameos by Speedy Alka Seltzer, King Kong and Spielberg’s Gremlins – the set also contains seven HD Puppetoons never released on video before – restored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and sub-licensed from Paramount Pictures. 
The set also contains a newly remastered in HD Pal feature The Great Rupert (starring Jimmy Durante), as well as standard-definition bonus material including 12 complete Puppetoons (from 35mm masters), Leibovit’s fine Pal documentary, The Fantasy Film Worlds of George Pal, rare interview footage with Ray Harryhausen, Ray Bradbury, Wah Chang, Roy Disney, etc. – not to mention an all-new audio commentary by Arnold Leibovit and… me
This is a must-have for anyone who cares about animation history, stop motion fans and animation students, George Pal devotees (of which I am one of) and cartoon buffs. Here’s the sell-sheet:



This release will NOT be available on DVD – nor will it be sold on Amazon (or anywhere else). I highly recommend you order from B2MP today. What else can I say? Here’s Dorothy Lamour posing with one of the Puppetoon figures (in her likeness) featured on this set: 

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gene schiller

DVD holdouts – do yourself a favor and get a blu-ray machine, and not just for the increased definition of blu-ray – your standard DVDs will uptick significantly in quality as well. It's worth the investment.

Reg Hartt

I already have the older dvd of this title. I ordered the Blu-ray at once. With only 3000 being produced this is no time to quibble. Blu-ray players have come down so low in price that having to buy one to view this is not a burden.

The up in picture quality is a huge bonus. I (and Jerry and many others) once paid more for a single 16mm print of a cartoon than this collection costs. The Blu-ray, unlike the 16mm,won't get emulsion scratches. It's color won't fade. The disc it is on won't warp with the passage of time (or, worse, get vinegar syndrome and start to dissolve). There are so many positives about this format that I am amazed when people complain.

Buy the thing now before it is sold out and you have to pay way more for (remember when dvds of Pasolini's SALO were going for anywhere from $600 to $1,000.00 ?).

While you are at it get GULLIVER's TRAVELS from Thunderbean.

Eric Graf

To the folks complaining about there not being a DVD edition: This is just going to keep happening. At this point, why wouldn't you just replace your DVD player with a Blu Ray player? All Blu Ray players also play DVDs.

Robert Fiore

I'm back now. I just ordered mine, the minute I saw this post.

Andy Decker

sexy cute cover! It's too bad they're alienating the fans like me who have no Blu-Ray player,but would gladly purchase it on DVD.To compel those of us sans Blu-Ray to buy a player just for this set isn't right ! I've still got VHS tapes that I don't plan to get rid of anytime soon!

Randall Cyrenne

The best news of the year for animation! Wow, I can't believe how excited I am for this release. Looks AMAZING.

jordan reichek

Yes! Great news!

So much laborious pain and suffering went into every Puppetoon…kinda like an animated Fitzcarraldo. So glad to have Blu-ray quality versions.

How's the transfer?

Anyhow, thanks for the heads up…definitely pre-ordered!

Eric Graf

Ordered. Thanks!


What a shame there's no DVD. It sounds like a misstep to me, but I guess they're confident their audience of a mere 3,000 has all moved to Blu.

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