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Box Office: ‘Kick-Ass 2’ Gets Served By ‘Lee Daniels’ The Butler’

Box Office: 'Kick-Ass 2' Gets Served By 'Lee Daniels' The Butler'

Sorry folks, it’s summer, which means holidays which means our usually box office folks are away. So here’s a quick rundown of what went on this weekend at the multiplex instead of our usually more verbose take. Onwards……

Call it the Oprah factor, credit the star-studded cast or perhaps something of actual substance in a season of empty thrills, but “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” took the top spot this weekend. With $25 million and a roughly $8K screen average, it basically matches what “The Help” took two years ago in a similar frame (it performed slightly better, with $26 million and a $10K screen average). The Weinstein Company are likely more than pleased with the result, and with the latter picture eventually earning four Oscar nominations (and a win for Octavia Spencer) you have to believe Harvey is figuring out what his awards season plans are for Lee Daniels‘ flick.

In other openings: “Kick-Ass 2” flopped into fourth with $13 million, a disappointing bow compared to the $19 million top spot haul of the first film; “Jobs” had a system failure landing in seventh (or in other words, less than 5% of Ashton Kutcher‘s 14 million Twitter followers bothered to buy a ticket); and lastly, “Paranoia” gave very few any anxiety, landing outside the top ten. Good thing Harrison Ford has “Star Wars,” and so much for Liam Hemsworth, Lead Actor.

Other notes: “We’re the Millers” is filling in a seemingly open comedy gap, approaching $70 million in weekend two. Will it bring $100 million? Who woulda thought? In limited release, “Austenland” led the pack with a $10.6K average, while “Ain’t Them Bodies Saints” took $28,800 in three theaters in New York City. It expands to ten cities next weekend.

1. Lee Daniels The Butler (The Weinstein Company) – $25 million
2. We’re the Millers (Warner Bros.) – $17.7 million ($69.5 million)
3. Elysium (Sony/TriStar) – $13.6 million ($55.9 million)
4. Kick-Ass 2 (Lionsgate) – $13.5 million
5. Planes (Buena Vista) – $13.1 million ($45 million)
6. Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters (Fox) – $8.3 million ($38.9 million)
7. Jobs (Open Road) – $6.7 million
8. 2 Guns (Universal) – $5.5 million ($59.2 million)
9. The Smurfs 2 (Sony) – $4.6 million ($56.9 million)
10. The Wolverine (Fox) – $4.4 million ($120.4 million)

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I think it's time to add Liam Hemsworth to our list of actors Hollywood tried and failed to make happen.


I'm so glad Kick Ass 2 didnt do well. Hated the film. It was very boring.


Wow, seriously floppage this weekend. Paranoia was on 2,500 screens and couldn't make the top 10?! (came in at 13 in the top 20). Kick-Ass 2 was almost on 3,000 screens and came in fourth? At least maybe we'll never see another Mark Millar adaptation again (that would be a gift).

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