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Clint Eastwood To Replace Steven Spielberg On ‘American Sniper’ Starring Bradley Cooper

Clint Eastwood To Replace Steven Spielberg On 'American Sniper' Starring Bradley Cooper

We’ll say this…Bradley Cooper sure has embarrassment of talent who want to work with him. The actor has used his “The Hangover” bump to line up projects with a variety of esteemed filmmakers, with Cooper pairing up over the last couple years with Susanne Bier (“Serena“), Derek Cianfrance (“The Place Beyond The Pines“), David O. Russell (“Silver Linings Playbook,” “American Hustle“) and Cameron Crowe (the upcoming, untitled project that shoots this fall). He was nearly about to cap it all off with Steven Spielberg, who was set to directAmerican Sniper” this spring. Just a few months later Spielberg bounced out, but now it seems one legend will replace another.

According to Twitch, Clint Eastwood has “gotten the nod” to helm the movie, with Cooper still attached to produce and star. While we wait for word to come through official type channels, the project will have to stall for both men regardless. Eastwood is gearing up to shoot the musical “Jersey Boys” this fall, while Cooper will be spending that time working on the aforementioned Crowe project. So perhaps once they both wrap up their gigs, they’ll team on this? The timing would surely work. 

As for the movie, it’s an adaptation of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle‘s autobiography that tells the story of sniper who, in a ten year career, bagged the most kills in Army history, leading Iraqi insurgents to place a bounty on his head. But for all his success overseas, Kyle’s work put a strain on his marriage and home life. War was familiar territory of Spielberg, and so it is for Eastwood too (“Flags Of Our Fathers,” “Letters From Iwo Jima“) but the more contemporary tale could be an interesting texture.

All told, we’ll see how it works out. Is Eastwood a good replacement for Spielberg? Let us know below.

Update: Variety confirms Eastwood is in talks to direct “American Sniper.”

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EVEN franchise slum Hollywood slumlord SPIELBERG
has said Hollywood is IMPLODING.



I am very sick of Bradly Cooper. He is like a tick on a dog that won't die. A year ago he claimed that military vets approached him about complaints that VA mental health programs were useless candy meds and stigma. He claimed these where the reasons that he made Silver Linings Playbook, to take away the mental health stigma and bad meds. He claimed to be an advocate for the mental health community including veterans. Bradly after all his marketing on Silver Lining Playbook and using Veteran mental health as his cause he got an award for the movie. Then, Chris Kyle tried following the "acceptance and friendship" theme of Silver Lining's Playbook and now sadly, he is dead. Then Bradly Cooper jumped ship against his mental health charity, while still claiming to be a mental health advocate. How can that be? When you are an advocate, you assist charitable cause, you DO NOT turn against them for the next cause that brings you glory fame and another award… for what… riding the coat tail of a real life military hero, Chris Kyle? Chris wanted his ill comrades helped not further stigmatized, not forced into layered razor barbwire concentration camps, not RFID chipped no release prisoners stigmatized like criminal. Bradly Cooper is a greedy ambitious person that is capitalizing off of roles associated with the military. He is not selfless like a soldier, he is selfish like a predator. Leave our military veterans and mental health sufferers alone you greedy parasitic attention hog.




Highly inappropriate to be turning such recent
figures into Hollywood star turn fiction.
A solid, investigative documentary –SURE!
——–but one of Eastwood's predictable demoralization ops? —-NYET!

Further, WHY is Eastwood continuing to hold
rank with RED China 'friendly' Hollywood over
their 6 decades of BALK of 6 decades of milestone
anniversaries for the now cosmically relevant ——–KOREAN WAR?


I think Eastwood is a WAYYYYY better director for this type of film. And Chris Kyle is one of my heroes. When he got killed it was like no one cared, he is a LEGEND. Hopefully this film will shine some light on this MAN, HUSBAND and PATRIOT.

neutral observer

Being directed by a two time Academy Award director ( Unforgiven & Million Dollar Baby) sure is a bummer.


He is a navy seal sniper. Not an army sniper. If you are going to right an article get your facts straight. He has the most kills in US MILITARY history


At least it won't be about aliens.


"All told, we'll see how it works out."

got it


Hank your an idiot. Michael Bay fan I take it.


Anyone who hates on Eastwood taking over is plain stupid. Eastwood's movies have a great story to them, with a great them. People now-a-days just want the Michael Bay effect, all special effects and things that go boom. If you want to see a movie that has a great story, watch any of Eastwoods.


Republican Eastwood and Bradley Cooper gearing up for another "Hurt Locker"-esque movie that shows that grit and determination of a single soldier in an unjust war….It's unfortunate because Cooper was great in Silver Linings and has real potential to be a shrewd selector of movies. With this one he's going to ultimately hurt his career in the long run.


Ho wrote the script?


Eastwood? I'm yawning already.

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