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Frank Miller Reportedly Meeting With Zack Snyder About ‘Superman Vs. Batman’

Frank Miller Reportedly Meeting With Zack Snyder About 'Superman Vs. Batman'

When the as-of-yet-untitled “Superman Vs. Batman” movie that was announced at Comic-Con last month, “Man of Steel” actor—and man with the golden pipes—Henry Lennix read aloud a quote from the seminal 1986 graphic novel “The Dark Knight Returns” to give nerds a tease for the kind of direction Zack Snyder and David S. Goyer are looking to go with the film. So it should come as no surprise that Snyder is apparently meeting with the graphic novel’s writer Frank Miller to talk about the highly anticipated film.

Bleeding Cool reports (via The Independent) that Miller’s “going to be meeting up with Zach [sic] in the next few days to go over the plans for the Superman film,” with a source adding that “things should be clearer after that.” Before you folks go crazy, don’t forget that the two have a previous relationship—they worked together on both “300” and the forthcoming prequel “300: Rise of an Empire” is based on Miller’s graphic novel—and that meeting will probably be no more than a friendly conversation among friends over a shared topic of interest: Superman and Batman. 

As we outlined in our feature 6 Things You Can Likely Expect From Zack Snyder’s ‘Superman & Batman’ Movie, the upcoming movie will be inspired by Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns,” not based on it. Sorry, we’re not going to see a 60 year-old Bruce Wayne hobbling around. But again, given that Snyder and Miller are old pals, it’s probably no shock that they’ll get together to chew the fat. Whether or not it leads to further involvement… Well, let’s not forget that Miller’s last attempt at a movie resulted in “The Spirit.

“Batman Vs. Superman” (or whatever it’s called) is slated to hit theaters in 2015.

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Do you really want to associate the film with this misogynistic whackjob?


Josh Brolin would be crap. He's 5'8 and is already out of shape. Has anyone considered the fact that it's bloody hard to be in good shape at 45 rather than 35? Chirs Evans is 31 and he was already saying how difficult it was to pack on the muscle for Captain America. Why would you want to start a cinematic universe with an old Batman? It doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Screw Goyer, one of the biggest hacks working in the business today. Faggot.

gosh darn fatman

First you people demand a Batman/Superman movie before a Justice League movie and how that "needs to happen." Soon as they announce it, you won't stop bitching about what a terrible idea it is. What does it take to make you nerds happy? You're like that girlfriend who goes back to the woman beating asshole because you just "don't know what you want." Well quit vagina leaking over these movies and let normal people enjoy them.

goddamn batman

Another bad idea. Miller in the 80's would've been something, now the guy just seems like an old nutjob. The Dark Knight Strikes Again was garbage compared to his earlier work.


Yuck. DCs blowing it right now


The idea of this movie is ridiculous and obviously panders toward the nerd/geek segment. There is no story, no artistic vision – it's just a pathetic cash grab. The comic books where they united these characters were just as bad and generic. Justice League is a nerd fantasy.


what a twisted logic this was to follow! "Snyder will probably meet with Miller!" "But… they're old friends so don't go crazy." "But the Dark Knight quote!" "But they're probably old pals who'll just chew the fat so this is no news." ("But if it develops into something later on we'll be able to link back to this story as an initial report!") give it up and pick a side with your non-news news items.

joe kerr

This will be the downfall of WB – not only a bad idea but a lame attempt to make up for the disappointment of "Man of Steel." There's no way Zach Snyder or Shane Black (who pretty much under-minded "Iron Man 3" with it's goofy "villain," should be allowed to make more superhero movies.

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