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From The Golden Age Of “In Da Hood” Movies – ‘Paid In Full’ Coming To Blu-Ray 9/24

From The Golden Age Of “In Da Hood” Movies - ‘Paid In Full’ Coming To Blu-Ray 9/24

To be honest, I’m trying to remember if I saw this when it came out. Or is it just me?

I’m talking about director Charles Stone III’s urban drama, Paid in Full, released by Miramax back in the fall of 2002. That
was a busy year for Stone who also had, that very same year, the very popular and very successful Drumline.

As for Paid In Full, it was released at the tail end of the onslaught of “in da hood” dramas, but I don’t recall
the film making any sort of impact back then.

Starring  Mekhi
Phifer and Wood Harris the film is
about “Ace (played by Harris)… a restless teenager who envies the
high-rolling lifestyle of his drug-dealing friends. When he is overcome by the
desire for expensive cars and flashy clothes, he makes a move that will change
his life forever. Seduced by the allure of easy money in the illicit Harlem
underground, he uses his skills to quickly take control of the streets and
seize all the power that comes with it.

If that doesn’t jog your memory, then you’ll soon have
chance to see it again, as good as it’s ever looked, when Lionsgate Home Entertainment releases Paid in Full on blu-ray DVD
on Sept. 24.

So far no features or special extras have been announced
for the DVD and I don’t think any will be included with it.

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julius hollingsworth

Wonderful film,A classic.Direction +Actors .They just didn't have the budget to promote properly.

kid video

Big fan of the film…don't have blu ray yet.


@ Sergio "To be honest, I’m trying to remember if I saw this when it came out. Or is it just me?"

It's you… If Rico from the movie knew you did not see this movie he would have shot you then hop on his motor bike then run you over leaving tire marks on your back and broken eye glasses.


One of the best modern era hood movie I ever seen. The dialogue and acting was very very authentic in this film. My friends and I still quote lines from the movie even till today. And it told a familiar story but in a unique way. Props to charles stone and the score of the film. On face book alone it has over 1.7 million likes… thats a lot for a film with limited pub…beats all the other popular films except scarface of course. I own the bootled version which had a better score in my opinion(Dame did not get all the clearance on most of those songs) and purchased original dvd.. I will get the BLUE RAY indeed B..


Yep, I'm with Dankwa and David, this one is a keeper. I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled across it.

The acting was on par and Charles Stone III has skills, consequently I look forward to seeing Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Story.

Dankwa Brooks

Yes it did come at the end of the hood movie era and that's probably why it didn't get much attention. Personally I wasn't expecting much, but Yo this joint was EXCELLENT!

The acting, story, direction EVERYTHING. I already own the DVD, but if the BluRay has ONE extra I'm gonna have to buy it. Word is bond! (Fans of the movie will get that)

David G

I love this movie. One of my all time favorites. Can't wait to see it on BluRay.

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