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Happy Birthday, Roman Polanski! Watch 1-Hour 1984 TV Interview With The Director

Happy Birthday, Roman Polanski! Watch 1-Hour 1984 TV Interview With The Director

It’s a helluva weekend for legendary film folks celebrating birthdays. Yesterday marked Robert De Niro‘s 70th, and today, director Roman Polanski is blowing out the candles on his 80th. And while his controversial and colorful past means some won’t be raising a glass to the filmmaker, when it comes to his work, he’s left more than few films that will be remembered for years to come. But as always with Polanski, there is much to talk about when it comes to both his personal life and career.

And that’s just what Australian TV personality Clive James does with this in-depth and also sort of garish (that restaurant is kind of amazing) 1984 TV interview. Sitting down to break bread with the director, James dives right into Polanski’s films, the death of Sharon Tate and more across one hour. This vintage piece of TV, which has found its way to YouTube, also includes the ads of the era intact. Anyway, if you find yourself inside this summer afternoon, it’s worth giving a quick spin. And if you want more, here’s the 50-minute episode of “Scene By Scene” with the filmmaker as well. Lastly, don’t forget to check our film retrospective on the filmmaker’s entire career.

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Remember to split the art from the artist unless, of course, you don't know how to think for yourself. John Lennon used to beat his wife and neglect his child but he's a poster child for peace! Holy shit!


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Huh. A "controversial and colorful past." Is that how we describe raping a 13-year old girl and flee the country because you think 40-something days of prison was enough punishment? I don't think we need to point out what his predatory past was every time we discuss his films or even the man and we should be able to divorce his work from his actions. But it's wrong to trivialize sexual assault, something patriarchal culture already does, by calling these actions "controversial and colorful." Rape is not controversial, it is unambiguously wrong. Sexual predation is not colorful, it's repugnant.

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