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HBO Releases First Full Trailer For ‘Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight’

HBO Releases First Full Trailer For 'Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight'

HBO Films has released a first full trailer for Stephen Frears’ Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight.

The film takes place in 1967, as then Heavy Weight Champion of the World Muhammad Ali refused to enlist and go fight for the USA in Vietnam; his objections to the war were very public, and he was convicted and sentenced to serve time in prison, during which he appealed his case, which would go all the way to the Supreme Court

This was all around the time the public began turning against the war, and thus support for Ali grew. Eventually, some years later, the Supreme Court would reverse his conviction.

The film stars Christopher PlummerFrank LangellaDanny Glover, Ed Begley Jr.Barry Levinson, Bob Balaban, and Kathleen Chalfant

Danny Glover will play Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall; Begley, Levinson, Balaban and Chalfant will play Justice Harry BlackmunJustice Potter Stewart, an advocate for Vietnam veterans, and Justice Marshall Harlan’s wife respectively.

Christopher Plummer plays Harlan, while Frank Langella is Chief Justice Warren Burger.

As for who’s playing Ali in the film, director Frears opted not to cast an actor to play Muhammad Ali, and is instead using archival footage of Ali in the film, which focuses more on the Supreme Court judges and their decision-making, than on Ali himself.

The film screened at Cannes this year, and will be making its debut on HBO on October 58/7c.

This is the second Ali film to tackle his Vietnam legal battle, that will see release this year – the other being The Trials of Muhammad Ali, the feature documentary from Kartemquin Films, which Kino Lorber opened last week.

Here’s your the first full trailer for a look at what HBO has in store for us:

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EXACTLY Mack & Elle, here we go again, a la The Help, Django, "42" and Amistad, just to name a few.

It's so sad because there are bigger stories and larger backdrops featuring black Americans which should be included within Ali's story. Take for instance the story-line of The Butler's struggles with the emergence of a new generation of outspoken protesters. So goes the mindset of many blacks when Ali hit the scene. Many in the black community were not comfortable with his brass and outspoken nature. Consequently, just like "The Butler" there was a divided house and community. That division widened when Ali changed his faith to The Nation of Islam. Remember, we're talking about 60's and early 70's, a time when the largest black faith based community were Baptist, therefore, Ali, at that time, was not the darling of many in the black community. On top of that, although current "news" account of those days would have many believe the overwhelming majority of American were in protest against the Veit Nam War, many (including blacks) despised those who refused to "fight for their country".

So, in my opinion, there is a deeper story in Ali Struggles, one that includes how the white man has used the old divide and conquer technique against black folks in an attempt keep their eyes off the prize. And, again, just like The Butler, the redeeming quality of such a movie can be shown through the evolution of those who where once blind (although Lee Daniels' butler didn't complete the mission).

When the black man figures out when he's being being bamboozled and lead astray by the power that be, he then works together in unity with his fellow people of color. That's the story I want to see, not this one, nor The Butler.


Another film with the black man's struggle as a backdrop to display how noble white people are when they are faced with tough decisions on what to do with the blacks…

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