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Is “Monster In Paris” Catching on?

Is "Monster In Paris" Catching on?

After being named the “Movie of the Week” in iTunes last week, Bibo Bergeron’s french animated feature A Monster in Paris is now ranked #9 on iTunes. 

The film was a theatrical release in France and Europe, but failed to get US distribution until Shout Factory but it on video in April. Bill Desowitz interviewed Bergeron here about the film a few months back. The English-language voice cast includes Adam Goldberg, Jay Harrington, Bob Balaban, Sean Lennon, Vanessa Paradis, Danny Huston, and Catherine O’Hara. Greg Ehrbar reviewed A Monster In Paris for Animation Scoop back in March.

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I am 82 and never stop wondering what is coming next on my new I
Pad ….amazing

david macpherson

My son, five, and I watched it on Netflix yesterday. We both enjoyed it, for different reasons, but that's a family film for you. It had too many false endings, but it was a lot of fun, and its vision of flooded Paris was lovely.

Rod Tejada

This proves that is not the "2D or 3D debate" but about doing compelling stories!

Im seriously hoping that "Ernest et Celestine" will be released too!

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