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Josh Brolin & Ryan Gosling Among Early Names To Play Bruce Wayne In ‘Superman Vs. Batman’

Josh Brolin & Ryan Gosling Among Early Names To Play Bruce Wayne In 'Superman Vs. Batman'

There is no script, there are no formal offers or meetings taking place, and obviously, it’s still the very early opening stages of development for “Superman Vs. Batman.” And yet, casting the role of Bruce Wayne is going to be key for the next film, because it’s likely whoever lands the gig will be wearing the cape and cowl for the inevitable “Justice League” and define the next iteration the character. And apparently, some possibilities are already being tossed around.

As we heard at the end of last week, rumors suggest that Warner Bros. is looking for an older Batman, a grizzled version of the character in their 40s and for the most part (something we suggested would be a good idea too), the names put forth by THR as early contenders mostly bear that out. Ryan Gosling and Matthew Goode are the two youngest at 32 and 35, respectively, but they are both folks the studio has been keen on previously. Gosling was previously attached to WB’s long brewing “Logan’s Run” reboot (his buddy Nicolas Winding Refn is still on board), and his directorial debut “How To Catch A Monster” will be distributed by the studio. Meanwhile Goode has already done the superhero thing as Ozymandias in Zack Snyder‘s “Watchmen.”

There’s another Snyder connection in Joe Manganiello, who the director has said was the runner up to play Clark Kent in “Man Of Steel.” And while he’s 36, passing for someone older shouldn’t be a problem.

Josh Brolin is said in some quarters to be the “frontrunner” for the role, though WB sources downplay that talk, saying that casting hasn’t even begun. Other names being tossed around include Richard Armitage (Thorin in “The Hobbit” films) and Max Martini (the Aussie father in “Pacific Rim“). All these names are part of recent projects on the WB lot (Manganiello was in “Magic Mike” and is a regular on HBO‘s “True Blood“) so it seems the studio wants to keep it in the family, and with actors they seem comfortable with (note: we suggested Manganiello and Armitage in a recent Batman casting piece).

Again, it’s all early talk, though the trade notes that casting could be coming in “weeks” as an early 2014 shoot is being eyed. But again, a script still needs to be written and that start date likely depends on everything falling immediately into place. Thoughts? Leave ’em below. Any of these folks you like? Anyone they should consider instead?

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Matthew Fox for Bruce Wayne aka Batman!!!


Mattew Fox for BATMAN!!!


Jon Hamm?


geez could you imagine daniel day lewis lol that's my vote even though we know that will be a cold day in hell before DDL says yes to something like batman hahaha. Here's a pic of Richard Armitage looking like a "retired-grissley" batman: www.

Ryan Gosling's Agent

Gosling will turn this down flat, don't worry.


I mean this might be scene as kind of a dirty move, but if I was a studio head just looking for cash, I would cast an unknown actor that could do the Bale gruff voice really well and was around the same size as him, then stick him in a costume that looks similar to the Dark Knight costume and have a script that never shows Batman as Bruce Wane or out of costume…. right? No one would know the difference


Of course Zack Snyder is directing the film so we already know it's going to be bad.


Ryan Gosling won't do it. Manganiello is too cheap, vain and eager to please with all of his fitness modelling stuff. Brolin would be good but could possibly be too gruff and manly. Richard Armitage looks the part – clean, dark, mysterious. I'd go with him.


Gosling's screeching pines bank robber voice as his batman voice?? Suddenly I give a shit about a superhero movie

Alan B

Joe Manganiello recently said that he met with Snyder, the other producers and the studio, and someone from the costume department called the 'True Blood' department for his measurements. Then, a 'True Blood' producer called WB and nixed the deal. The only way he could be cast if the 'True Blood' team are more flexible this time around.


If they're going for older and experienced why not just pony up the money and get Bale back on board? I can't imagine he's against playing Batman again, if the script is decent. It will be difficult for audiences to take to a new Bruce/Batman so soon after the prior trilogy ended.


They're definitely looking an older actor. Someone who can intimidate the young superman. Someone with an advantage, which is full of life experience. They are not only looking for an actor who can embody these qualities but also possesses these qualities in real life. An actor who has accomplish a lot in the movie industry. So that way, the dynamic between the two leads are interesting, competitive, and intimidating. They are looking for someone like Daniel day lewis, Ben Affleck, Clive Owen, Daniel Craig, or Brad Pitt, or even George Clooney had he not played the role already.


Matthew Fox. Give it a go. Try. Him. Out.


I wish they'd get Kevin Bacon for Batman, wishful thinking….


Brolin would be a good choice. Everything seems to be point to a more grizzled Batman, and Gosling just isn't the guy for that.


i hope they choose someone a little unknown like cavill himself


I need Brolin as Batman and I needed it yesterday.

The New Batman

Karl Urban man.


Gosling is younger than Christian Bale.


Oh man I can't imagine Gosling's whiny faux-New York accent as Batman.


I knew there was a reason why WB picked up Goslings first directorial gig.

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