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Kanye West Remixed ‘The Canyons’ Trailer (Really), But the Original’s Still Stronger

Kanye West Remixed 'The Canyons' Trailer (Really), But the Original's Still Stronger

With the Bret Easton Ellis-penned, Paul Schrader-directed Hollywood satire “The Canyons” out in select theaters and available on VOD today, Kanye West has dropped his remixed cut of the film’s trailer, likely as a favor to help out his buddy Ellis, who was behind West’s violent promotional video for his latest album, “Yeezus.”

In collaboration with his multimedia company DONDA, West worked with Nate Brown on the re-editing of the trailer and created new music for it with Noah Goldstein. Subbing Brian Randazzo’s dubstep track “My Other Other Girl” for a decidedly more downbeat piano tinged score robs the trailer of its dreamy allure, but it’s still pretty stellar. Watch both trailers below, with the Kanye version first.

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Carl White

James Deen is in the cast. LOL. Even funnier once you find out he is a porn star. For a good laugh, go to his IMDB page, mama must be proud.


I didn't know Kanye was in IATSE Local 700. Ya' learn somtin'new everyday.


@shavonne – thanks for the kind words and, yeah, hope LL gets it together. @ Nigel – thanks for fixing!


To Joe: Thanks for the info. I like the "My Other Other Girl" song better than the one feature in the trailer. The Kanye remix does not work at all really. It doesn't lend itself to the movie very well. As for the movie, well the media mini blitzkrieg has started so that at least 10,000 people will pay to see it. I think it probably will not be that great just from the trailer alone. Lindsay looks like she may have a few acting chops left somewhere in between near vehicular homicides, arrests, drug addictions, and countless boyfriends, however, I don't think it will be enough to save this feature.


The song is "My Other Other Girl".


The original is by Brian Randazzo for VideoHelper, not Broken Social Scene member Brendan Canning's. Please correct immediately.


Was Kanye unable to curb his enormous ego in order to allow his music to be "overshadowed" by, oh, I don't know, the DIALOGUE IN THE TRAILER? Or is it just my computer? The world may never know.


I like both versions. It brings a diversified affect of how the movie feels.


The music in the Kanye version drowns out the dialogue, typical of Kanye trying to be the center of attention. The original is way better, you can hear what the actors are saying plus and the track has more of an L.A. feel.

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