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Leonardo DiCaprio Still Determined To Make A Viking Movie, WB Picks Up ‘King Harald’ As Potential Vehicle

Leonardo DiCaprio Still Determined To Make A Viking Movie, WB Picks Up 'King Harald' As Potential Vehicle

Let’s take a brief trip back in time, shall we? The year is 2009, and the whole saga surrounding Mel Gibson and his ex-wife had yet unfold in the tabloids. The director was lining up his new project, a movie called “Beserker,” penned by William Monahan, which was promising to be an unsparing Viking epic, with a tentative fall 2010 shoot planned, and none other than Leonardo DiCaprio slated to star. Well, it obviously didn’t happen and DiCaprio, unsurprisingly, vacated the movie about which little has been heard of since (though in 2012, Gibson said it was still in the works). But it seems that idea of playing a Viking has stuck with the actor.

Deadline reports that Warner Bros. has just snatched up “King Harald” as a potential vehicle for DiCaprio, who will be producing via his Appian Way shingle. The pitch comes from Mark L. Smith—who penned Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu‘s “The Revenant” (which has DiCaprio and Sean Penn attached), and an untitled biker pic that has Tom Hardy linked—and it’s based on the life of the 11th century Viking king, who ruled for decades, was exiled to Russia, but returned home to Norway a hero. So yes, let the “Braveheart“-comparisons begin.

It’s all early stages so who knows how development will shake out, and Warner Bros. has another Viking option on their plate with Alexander Skarsgard attached to “The Vanguard” at the studio. Are Vikings the next vampires or zombies? Guess we’ll soon see.

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Joe H.

It's tragic when a truly brilliant artist is silenced because of completely unrelated personal issues. Mel Gibson needs to come back and direct another badass epic, and I hope he gets to make this one. Would have been an insanely awesome film.

King Xavi

I dont care what they say or write about Mel…the guy is an outstanding director
Im praying he makes the Viking movie….and shut his haters the fc^k up


I am STILL waiting, Mel u need my help just shout arrrrr I bring down lightening for U!


LOVE Mel. Can't wait for his next work.

Very sorry of you so called journalists/writers to keep trying to slant what really happened with Mel and the Rusky. Like Cranberry says, check your FACTS before you write. The truth the WHOLE truth and nothing but the truth is what the public wants to read and it still stands strong no matter how much you paid ….trashers want to change it.


Scuse me but it isnt in 2009 but in 2010 that Mel Gibson talk about making a viking movie, during an interview at the LA Times, under an interview about his coming movie at the time "Edge of Darkness".

Second, it wasnt at all his ex wife who made problems but his girlfriend the russian golddigger who made the headline and leaked the tampered illegaly made digital recordings.

Mel Gibson's ex-wife is Robin Gibson and was married to Mel Gibson for 30 years, met him in Australia when he wasnt known, never had any issues with the actor, and had 7 kids with him.
Their divorce was announced in april 2009, due to the russian gals alleged pregnancy, and their divorce was finalised in November 2011, over 1½ year after Mel Gibson had officialy ceased to be with that russian gf. So no, they were never married and thereby never divorced either.
she was a gf , that he had met 5 months before she showed up as being pregnant and was fast at making money and getting on lawyers alreadyh in 2009, before the child was even born.
She never lived together with Mel Gibson, who lived with his wife and kids the whole time, but was living in a house owner by Mle Gibson in sherman oaks where she still reside.

she made tapes because Mel Gibson had throw her out in janary 6, 2010, and wanted to terminate the relationship. But she wanted the millions, so she made those tapes a few weeks later, together with the audio engenner who was helæping her wiht her album and who was on Mel Gibson's payroll!!!
I always wondered why tyhe media never show more ligth on those facts, and tend to ignore certain disturbing facts for the russian woman.
by making her his wife they treid to make the story more scandalous cause for her to crave 25 million dollars when she was just a new gf, and he was still married was the mark of greed and it was obvious that she didnt diserved any of it. also the fact that they werent even living together and thereby she could just leave and the fact that she refused to leave when he wanted to terminate the relationship.

The movie couldnt be made in 2010 an danother one where mel gibson wil be a spy who was planed to start shooting in june 2010 as mel gibson had packed the gringo movie.
But with a lawsuite running rampant he couldnt do os he cant act nor direct in the state of mind he was thats simple.

later on he wanted to make another movie, the maccabee, who had ot be droped also by warner bros because the script writer was a totaly unable alcoolic who didnt wrote a line for the 1½ year he was paid on the project.
and since tha tproject ran form 2011 to may 2012, mel gibson ws busy the whole time, and not stoped making movie as you pretend from an ignorant point of view.
check your facts first dont write articles builded only on your assumptions and short term memory.

And the viking movie was not at all ready to be shooted as nobody was casted yet, and de capricio was the alone actor who had been approached, as primary rol cause they needed to catch him and reserve his time ahead of time.
Di caopricio never droped the movie since he never signed a contract for it of yet, and since it was just asking if he was interested to have a part in it. So it was all still in the air and the script was almost written by mel gibson but not finished.
Mel Gibson worked more on it later on, and it could be made later but mel gibson made soem money to by making the expendables in 2012.
So mel gibson was busy making movie and trying ot make and direct movie but has been stoped by external factor like the lawsuite/ child custody case, an arse of a script writer that didnt delvier when everything else was in place, and the movie was then droped cause it wilhave been too much trouble to found anopther writer and wait for the script to be written AGAIN!

Personaly i do not think that dicapricio has the profile at all to play a viking. He is too small for that. but he has doen very good stuff before nad has surprised a lot so why not?


If you think Leo will ever play a viking, you are fucked.


"Pussy" DiCaprio is too afraid to work with Mel Gibson.

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