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Meryl Streep Joins YA Adaptation ‘The Giver’ With Jeff Bridges

Meryl Streep Joins YA Adaptation 'The Giver' With Jeff Bridges

Meryl Streep has seemingly done it all in her career, but a YA adaptation? Nope…not until now anyway. The legendary actress is getting ready to make herself known to the tween set by coming on board “The Giver,” which will also mark her first collaboration with Jeff Bridges.

The actor, who has been shepherding the project for years (it was close to being made way back in 2006; and before that, his father Lloyd Bridges had been attached), is producing and starring in the flick, a big screen take on Lois Lowry‘s popular young adult sci-fi novel. The Newberry Medal award winner is set in a futuristic, dystopian world (of course) where society has eradicated memories and emotion, giving the responsibility of remembering the past to a single person, the Receiver. The hero, Jonas — to be played by Brenton Thwaites, who bagged the part last month — is selected to be the new Receiver, but while being trained by the titular Giver (Bridges), a previous Receiver, he finds himself struggling with the duties he bears. Streep will play one of the chief elders of the society.

Meanwhile, Alexander Skarsgard and Cameron Monaghan are also on the project, with the former playing Jonas’ Dad (ASkars is doing father roles now?) and the latter his best bud. We’re kind burned out on this kind of stuff already, but we’ll always pay attention to Bridges and Streep. Phillip Noyce directs and production begins in October. [Deadline/The Wrap]

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Kevin Jagernauth never read books in middle school.


And that's "received" not "reseived". Carry on.


@LIZ: Give it a rest, Liz…The Hunger Games Trilogy is an excellent series and has reseived excellent reviews (the film also also was well reviewed) and it's not a contest. I recommend both series. So, enough with the bullshit…it's silly, grow up.


The giver goes beyond the YA genre. There is no comparison to the hunger games or any other YA book. Yea it's written at a lower reading level, but the themes are MUCH heavier, almost to the point of being an adult philosophical kind of work. Can't wait for this one. And The Dude is the Giver. I can abide.


The Giver is a brilliant book, and written way before most of the newer YA dystopic fiction books being turned into films. Before Hunger Games, City of Ember, Mortal Instruments, etc – even before Harry Potter.


Are you seriously comparing THE GIVER to young adult shit like The Hunger Games? You should jump off a bridge man.


Is The Giver really a YA book?


Streep was in "A Series of Unfortunate Events", that's when I discovered how awesome she was when I was just a tween.


meryl strip huh?

Knut Barnes

"Meryl Strip". Nice one…

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