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Michonne Returns To Prison On Horseback, Is Quickly Met By 2 Very Aggressive Walkers

Michonne Returns To Prison On Horseback, Is Quickly Met By 2 Very Aggressive Walkers

We’ve seen Michonne (played by Danai Gurira) take out multiple “walkers” in a matter of seconds with her katana sword. Not this time however, in the below clip from the series’ upcoming new season.

But I’m sure she’s going to be alright. This scene doesn’t necessarily suggest that she’ll be zombie lunch. I’m sure little Carl will come to her rescue. Or she’ll find a way to distance herself from these walkers (who seem to have gotten more aggressive, unless it’s just me) who have seized her. 

AMC will debut the 4th season of The Walking Dead on October 13 at 9pm. It’ll be a 16-episode season, divided into 2 halves

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The zombies in season four are going to be brutal. Looking forward to October 10th and the panel at New York Comic Con.


The walkers are dying slowly. If a person was dumb before they were turned they're not going to smarten up afterwards. Also if a walker is skin & bones and hasn't eaten in months to years I doubt they're going to as energetic as a smart, healthy person who was just recently turned. Also there was that walker who gorged himself on Lori. Even though that walker was well-fed his stomach was so swollen from consuming her, he could not put up a fight against an enraged Rick.

Vanessa Martinez

The walkers aren't consistent in how violent they are..some are really dumb and slow and others "show-off" more – they're more vicious and fast on their feet.. maybe it depends on the actor/s. My sister and I made fun of them all the time. :-)

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