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Mickey Go Home

Mickey Go Home

My friend Karl Cohen (president of Asifa-San Francisco) forwarded me this curious photo, snapped in Italy by his cousin
Michael who was there on vacation. It’s a
strange poster, found on an alley wall in Italy. It reads “No MUOS – Yankee Go Home!”

It’s a poster by an anti-American group, Movimento Sociale Europeo, protesting against the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, who are working to bring American tourists and American dollars to their country. 

Although its rather harsh – I kinda like the idea that Mickey Mouse still represents America in the eyes of the world. 

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P Spina

We are in Italy now (Sept. 20) and have seen these posters in several places in Rome, nowhere else. The posters have all been mutilated or ripped off the walls where posted. Not everyone here in Italy doesn't like Americans. I'd say from the treatment accorded these posters the locals like Americans more than they like the poster-people.


I saw this poster in rome on an excursion from a Disney cruise.

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