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Oprah Winfrey Says She’s Talked To George C. Wolfe About A Harlem Renaissance Mini-Series

Oprah Winfrey Says She's Talked To George C. Wolfe About A Harlem Renaissance Mini-Series

She also re-emphasized her desire to star in a Broadway production, although she didn’t say anything was in the works, nor when we can expect to see her on the New York stage. 

She did add that she intends to continue acting, now that she’s been reinvigorated by the bug, after appearing in Lee Daniels’ The Butler, which will be out this weekend, so expect to see more of her on screen in the near term.

All of this was revealed in a New York Daily News profile of the “O” ahead of The Butler’s release, including that she’s spoken with producer-director George C. Wolfe about a possible miniseries about the Harlem Renaissance.

No details to share on that, like how deep those conversations went, and whether much came out of them. I’d assume it’s something she wants to act in.

But the “Harlem Renaissance” covers so much, with a wealth of material to look to for inspiration. This mini-series could attempt to paint a portrait of the period, with multiple stories that intertwine (or not); or it could zoom in on the life of a single person, through whose story we experience the spirit of the times.

And George C. Wolfe is a director I’d bet on. 

Let’s see if anything comes of this.

Read the full New York Daily News piece HERE.

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This sounds so interesting. No one has ever covered the Harlem Renaissance?


Yes, please!!!!! I've wondered why there hasn't been a great film about the Harlem Renaissance.


I enjoy all these words assembled together in this very fashion. Definitely interested to see where this goes.


I hope this happens!


Denzel should help her get some type of role in the "A Raisin in the Sun" reboot.

Dankwa Brooks

I've been fascinated with the Harlem Renaissance ever since I wrote a paper on it in college. As an African American artist that time period seemed like the "shangri La" of creativity. So many greats…Anyway I would love to see this get made.

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