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Peter Capaldi Is The New ‘Doctor Who’

Peter Capaldi Is The New 'Doctor Who'

Sort of the nerd version of the Royal Baby watch, “Doctor Who” fans waited breathlessly today for the announcement that would forever change the course of history temporarily alter the universe of the long-running TV show. With Matt Smith stepping out of the TARDIS earlier this year, his replacement has now been officially named. And nope, it’s a not a hot young bod, a woman or someone wildly unexpected.

Instead, it’s the rumored/heavily favoured Peter Capaldi (bookmakers in the U.K. actually suspended betting as the odds became tipped in his favor over the last day or so). The actor, perhaps best known on this side of the pond for his role as Malcolm Tucker in the scathing political comedy “The Thick Of It,” is the twelfth person to play the part in the long-running sci-fi series. It’s a fairly conservative choice all around, though it’ll still be intriguing to see what kind of flavour he’ll bring to the part after recent successful and popular runs both by Matt Smith and David Tennant. Oh btw, he’s been a fan since he was a teenager (check out a fan letter he wrote when he was 15 right here).

Capaldi will step into the TARDIS for the eight season, with the first episodes expected to air in August 2014. But until then, fans can say goodbye to Smith in the upcoming “Doctor Who” Christmas special and 50th anniversary episode, both due before the year is out. 

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Congrats to Peter. He's ont of the few actors who might make me interested in watching Doctor Who since Ecclestone. Hopefully the raised profile will mean more people will check out the glorious "The Thick of It" too :)


How are the female fans on tumblr taking this


He's a great actor and he's much different than the past incarnation, which is pretty much all I can ask for. Good choice.

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