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Pixar to Release Inside Out – Set Inside an Adolescent Girl’s Brain

Pixar to Release Inside Out - Set Inside an Adolescent Girl's Brain

Over the weekend at the D23 Expo, Pixar discussed details, showed footage and introduced the cast of their new project Inside Out.

Directed by Up and Monster’s Inc. director Pete Docter, Inside Out follows 11-year old girl Riley, who has to move from Minnesota to San Francisco with her family, just as she’s hitting the onset of puberty. However, what sounds like a seemingly simple concept is more complex. While Riley is the protagonist of the film, according to the materials released, she’s also the setting. It seems that much of the action of the film will take place inside Riley’s head while she’s struggling with growing up.  

Just like with Brave being inspired by Brenda Chapman’s daughter, Inside Out is inspired by Pete Docter’s daughter.  Clearly, this is an opportunity for Pixar to deal with some girl centric issues of puberty like getting her period.  Hopefully they won’t chicken out on that important piece of girls adolescence.

The main characters, aside from Riley, are the emotions in her head–Anger, Disgust, Fear, Joy and Sadness (some of whom are voiced by funny ladies, Amy Poehler and Mindy Kaling). The emotions control Riley’s actions, compete for complete control of her brain and store her memories.

The D23 audience was shown how the film will show both Riley’s external and internal reactions. The rough footage shown looked at a dinner table fight–going back and forth from the action at the table and the internal conversations that Riley and her parents are having. The film will also visualize certain types of thoughts in the brain as places–for example, “abstract thought” looks like a Picasso painting.

This could be really revolutionary.  Inside Out will hit theaters on June 19, 2015.

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Please no princess stuff, and no Amazon warrior stuff. Have her be fun and interesting and smart without focusing on how pretty/powerless she is, dressing her overly sexy or making her a ninja warrior in a latex suit. These are all different options to objectify her. If you're going to get into her psyche and into her changing body, be real about it. Say something honest about what it is like to go through female puberty without any misogynistic cracks about being "on the rag" or "dirty" or "emotional/hysterical." Please treat her like a human, not a girl.


Why can't girl characters have fun and adventures. Why must male writers and directors analyze and focus on their intimate workings. I do not find this even vaguely appealing.


I'm sorry but don't look to major corporate entities with a group of adult male creatives to try to get inside a woman's head… And/or attempt a smart creative and G-rated animated interpretation of a girl becoming a woman, dealing with the physical changes, etc. Just not happening.


@ Anonymous, why on earth would they NOT put a period scene in a childrens movie? It is simply a natural function of the human body, not something to hide from children. Furthermore, do you think that when young girl's first get their period they are not children? Of course they are. Many girls begin menstruating at ten, eleven or twelve years old. I cannot see it causing any harm at all.


You really think they are going to put a period scene into a children's movie? Do not get your hopes up there.


i think it Riley is a young heroine/main character and also takes place inside her mind and itwill also feature locations inside Riley's head such as Long and Short Term Memories (looks like a futuristic city urban with a large tower which is an urban setting), Imaginationland is where it bears a striking resemblance to the Disneyland Theme Park with a lot of Fantasyland in it and Sleeping Beauty's Castle (it's Inspired by Fantasyland which it's located at Disneyland), and it has a more a cute whimisical look is where fantasy is created and it's and Dream Productions in which it's a movie studio and it's a movie lot (it's inspired and it's patterned after Paramount Studios) and it has a more Hollywood look and a film studio because i'm very excited to see this movie when it comes to theaters June 19, 2015 from Pixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Animation Studios, and Walt Disney Pictures/Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

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