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Producer Datari Turner Says Audiences Will Be ‘Pleasantly Surprised’ By ‘Lap Dance’ + New Clip

Producer Datari Turner Says Audiences Will Be 'Pleasantly Surprised' By 'Lap Dance' + New Clip

“I think people would agree that I have pretty good taste and a strong track record in recent years with the indie films I’ve chosen to make. I believe “Lap Dance” is the greatest film ever made about the life of a stripper. People will be very entertained and pleasantly surprised.”

Words from producer Datari Turner about one of a few upcoming films on his slate – Lap Dance.
As I recall, when Vanessa posted a first clip from the film, in the spring of this year, your reactions were mostly negative, and I’d say that Datari’s comment above were to address your concerns – as well as those on any other site that shared the clip.
Recapping Vanessa’s post… described as a modern-day Indecent ProposalLap Dance revolves around Monica (Ali Cobrin), an aspiring actress who “makes a pact with her fiance to take a job as an exotic dancer to care for her cancer-stricken father.” 
The film, which screened this summer at the American Black Film Festival in Miami, is directed by Gregory Carter, from a script by both Carter and Datari Turner, who also produced via his Datari Turner Productions, along with Gordon Bijelonic-Datari Turner Films and Imprint Entertainment.
The film’s ensemble cast list includes: Mariel HemingwayJames RemarLynn WhitfieldOmari HardwickCarmen ElectraLisa RayeRobert HoffmanBriana EviganNia PeoplesDatari TurnerOmar GoodingKeith RobinsonLew TempleStacey DashObba BabatundeQuinton AaronK.D. AubertChristian KeyesWesley JonathanTerrell “T.O.” Owens, Ron Jeremy, and Dennis White.
By the way, also on Turner’s upcoming slate is a Garcelle Beauvais-starrer titled Loose – described as a coming-of-age drama, that Ty Hodges is directing, with Meagan Good also producing, and Dan Garcia exec producing.

Loose follows Grace, a young girl from a small town trying to figure out her purpose in life.

Beauvais plays Grace’s single, and not-so-good mother, Lisa, who’s described as an alcoholic, who repeatedly puts herself in abusive relationships, making them a priority over her own daughter.

The script for Loose was penned by Jacquin De Leon, with principal photography set to begin this fall.

Datari has released another clip from Lap Dance, which is embedded below (it’s NSFW though):

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Dewayne Wayne

@ Nicole Williams,

Yea I agree with your comment. Strippers have become the new music video girls

Nicole Williams

America is obsessed with Strippers


Can't Wait (Bart Scott Voice) lol

Iyanla Vanzant

Speak your mind when necessary, but do it with respect and in love


Because he said it is the greatest movie ever made about the lives of strippers I want to see it


Can't wait to see this one



Neyo Soul



Love the trailer! Don't get why this is such a hot button topic. It's just entertainment everyone. Lol. This Nashoba character takes herself way to serious smh. It may not be for you boo and that should be okay without 50 different comments from you bashing. God Bless


@Nashoba. I got your back. These clowns have no idea what good cinema is. Black cinema needs to do better, and stop playing that one note they've been playing for 20 years. There are more stories besides those from the hood, or shaking our booty, or clownin' it up. Doesn't have to be 'The Butler', but there's def room for something better the same degrading images of our people. And I get it, it may very well be uplifting at the end, but these same retreaded images are cliche and far too common representations of us.



Adam Scott Thompson

"You can see her dance inside!" — Diamond

Lane Kiffin

I'm lovin it (McDonald's Commercial Voice)

Son of Noah

Nice Teaser when is this coming out?

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Is that Briana Evigan from Step Up. Didn't know she was working with all that back there geez

Paula S

Fine Azz Girls

I Rock Tom Ford

Now that is a sexy azz teaser!!! Whoa

Um No

I see those (or one person with many monikers) connected with the film are here to defend this 10 pounds of shit in a five pound bag.

That's really a new tactic on this blog. Wow, we never seen that before. lol

floyd S

Making me want to go to a strip club loool K.O.D

Roy the pizza guy

Anyone who says this doesn't look extremely sexy is a hater foreal.

Debo the great

It not about what the critics say its all about popular culture. Magic Mike grossed over a 100 mill at the box office. This will probably make a lot of $$$ I'm just being honest. It looks very intriguing I must say

Debo the great

It not about what the critics say its all about popular culture. Magic Mike grossed over a 100 mill at the box office. This will probably make a lot of $$$ I'm just being honest. It looks very intriguing I must say

Kobe Dean

I want to see this!

Kelly Ro

Very Sexy

Miles Ellison

"The greatest film made about the life of a stripper?" Really? This needs a different title. Indecent PropHOsal comes to mind.


I'm not amused. Sad to say it, but this makes TP movies seem like masterpiece theatre.


"I think people would agree that I have pretty good taste…"

Says the guy who brought us The Ultimate Hustler, I Married A Baller, LisaRaye: The Real McCoy, the cringe-worthy Dysfunctional Friends, and the how-to-guide-to-eventually-become-a-stripper film, Video Girl…starring everyone's favorite Christian actress/wanna-be stripper, Meagan Good.

This guy always talks with such reverence about Hitchcock, Spielberg, Scorsese, Jerry Bruckheimer, and his desire to provide black actors and audiences with that level of talent… which is absolutely commendable. But…how exactly does that suddenly mutate into films like Video Girl and Lap Dance, whose titles alone are laughable–and contain some of the worst acting performances by the "iconic" black actors he chooses to hire?

How does one watch Vertigo…and then you sit down and write Video Girl? How do you model yourself after the most iconic names in Hollywood history, but your releases go straight to DVD–or worse, BET? To borrow a title from one of my favorite Prince songs…Something In The Water(Does Not Compute).


"Greatest film ever made about the life of a stripper"? This look like it might actually be the worst film ever made!


GOOD GOLLY Miss Molly… gurrrrrl, you sho know what to do with that thang!

Who said Oprah didn't have competition? I know, I know, Terrence Howard praised Oprah's big ol' titties and I'm inclined to agree with him, but Datari sho nuff has Oscar bait on his hands. I wonder if Sergio has plans to screen this silent film at BHC, Chicago?


After watching the trailer now all of a sudden now I'm really interested in seeing it.

I can't figure out why


It looks like a porno. Lynn!!! Why? You're one of our best. You're better than this. Lisa Raye I get but damn. Wow is definitely the word Don P.

Don P TV

All I have to say is WOW

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