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Project of the Day: A Cartographer Headed to California in 1847 Heads ‘Off Track’

Project of the Day: A Cartographer Headed to California in 1847 Heads 'Off Track'

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Off Track

Tweetable Logline: 

California 1847, A cartographer, driven by greed, learns to change his life after witnessing death at a Cahuilla tribe.

Elevator Pitch:

As the Mexican-American War rages, rumors of gold lead cartographer Patrick O’Sullivan to desert the army in search of riches in the unmapped regions of California. He and his companions find themselves lost and near death when they stumble upon an unlikely guide – Pul, a Shaman of the Cahuilla tribe. As Patrick uses Pul to search for gold he discovers that the shaman has his own motives assisting him map the land. This discovery redirects Patrick’s egotistic journey into a historical opportunity to focus his life on a mission greater than himself.

Production Team:

Director: João Paulo (“J.P.”) Jacobsen
Screenwriter: Juan Rubalcava
Producers: Drew Diamond*, Priscilla Spencer, and Daniel Leeds
*2013 Producer of “A Second Chance”, 2013 student Oscar winner for best documentary.
Cinematographer: Carolina Costa
Production Designer: Flora Ortega
Editor: David Aristizabal*
*2013 Director of “A Second Chance”, 2013 student Oscar winner for best documentary.

Jay Tavare, The Native American celebrity actor, plays lead role – Some of Jay’s most memorable on-screen roles are:
Pathfinder (Marcus Nispel, 2007) as Black Wing, with Karl Urban and Clancy Brown 
The Missing (Ron Howard, 2003) as Kayitah, with Cate Blanchett and Tommy Lee Jones 
Cold Mountain (Anthony Minghella, 2003) as Swimmer, Jude Law’s Cherokee half-brother and fellow Confederate army warrior 
Adaptation (Spike Jonze, 2002) as Matthew Osceola, the enigmatic Seminole orchid thief opposite Meryl Streep 
Into the West (Steven Spielberg, 2005 mini-series) as Chief Prairie Fire opposite Keri Russell 
Street Fighter (1994) as Vega, the devilishly handsome and lethal Spanish Ninja
Unbowed (Nanci Rossov, 2000) as the defiant warrior, Waka Mani *Winner* Best Actor in the American Indian Film Festival 
CSI Miami season finale*, Going Ballistic (2009) as Manny Ortega

About the Production:

“I have always been a student of history, fascinated by what the past can teach us and amazed by how I see it repeated in the present day. The time period surrounding the Mexican-American War is the perfect backdrop for a story about greed, exploration, and personal discovery. 

“The movie doesn’t offer easy answers but raises compelling questions about personal responsibility and an individual’s relationship with society at large. The film is a Psychological Western; it is not a story about heroic feats, but a tale of how an unexpected encounter can change direction of our lives.” — J.P. Jacobsen

Current Status:


For more information and to support this project:

Film Website
Kickstarter Campaign

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Cica miranda



vote sim!



J Dominguez


Jackie Plattner

Love to see this amazing work

Jennifer Smalling

I can't wait I have been a Jay Tavare fan and a good friend since forever (lol). Jay's great body of work speaks for itself. Jay bring his passion into all his characters he plays I know his old fans and the new ones want be disappointed.

Alan Cunha

Chique demais

dawn severight


Antonio Zago

Muito bom


Corrigir Danielle


Vera Good



Silvana Cuenca

Very good

Erica McLarty

I love learning about Native American History and seeing Native actors play Native characters!


Perfect choice.

marcia jara

I fully enjoyed the idea of this work.

Flávio starosta

I am impressed! Good luck

Luiz Armando Freire

Original theme, this is. Very sofisticated. Congratulations to all participants.

Carlos Bandeira

The Best !



Tony Price

Hopefully there'll be some mention of the San Patricio deserters who joined the Mexican side en masse.

Melody Santiago

I love this!


I am impressed! Good luck.

Jane Tennant

A fresh viewpoint on a piece of under documented history? Sounds very interesting.


Ok, I am interested!

Aurelio Charão

Off Track seems to be interesting. History, Philosophy. I'am hooked.

Janelia Richardson

I'd love to see Off Track we need more movies that teach as well as entertains about our history.

linda albano

loved it

Lea Ann Lewis

What an extremely important subject matter that will educate & enlighten! I'm thrilled to know this movie has become a reality for all of us to see:)

Maria Brasero

This is an amazing project!

Lisa R.

I'd love to see "Off Track". We need more motion pictures about our heritage in History of the West.

Michael D F Dorsey Sr

I have loved movies about the West and the people who explored it. The story of the Lewis & Clark mapping expeditions, the gold rushes, it is all HISTORY, I never get tired of learning about THE WEST.

Elizabeth Grinszpan


Kathleen Staley

fascinating subject and exciting project- vote yes for me

moni martinez

this is awsome loved it

Nelson Spencer

Great film

Vanessa Guedes


Cindy Pain

A film that educates the public on historical information that they may have never learned or discovered any other way; is always a winner in my book. You have an incredible start on this film, great actors and team and I wish you the best success of going forward.

Robin Foster Osorio-Pedraza

I had a problem with my email so I was unable to vote and "confirm" this week, but I'm ready for next week and will be voting for "Off Track". I, like many other movie/television viewers, love anything historical and now seems to be a time of the "new" Western as evidenced by the success of several recent and current movies and TV series falling within this category. In addition you have the multi-talented, experienced and accomplished Jay Tavare starring in this film. Jay researches his roles diligently in order to bring the most realism possible to the viewer whether on the Big or Small screen, no matter the size of the Film Project/Acting Role, he gives his all. Jay is a good person and generous humanitarian. I follow all of his work that I possibly can because he doesn't disappoint the viewer. For these reasons, I believe "Off Track" is destined for success and should be chosen. Thank you.

Gladiston Justini

Very good!!!



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