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Project of the Day: Doc about the First Woman Film Director

Project of the Day: Doc about the First Woman Film Director

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“Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blaché

Tweetable Logline:

Ever heard of the 1st Female film director ? Her name was #aliceguy and she is woman we ought to know #savealice

Elevator Pitch:

Alice Guy was invited to the Lumière
Brothers’ screening in 1895. In 1896, at 23 she made one of the first
narrative films. Alice later headed the production of Gaumont studios.
Gaumont still exists, making films like “The Fifth Element”, “The
Intouchables”. Alice went on to become the first woman to build her own
studio Solax in Fort Lee, NJ in 1912. She wrote, directed, or produced
1,000+ films of all kinds and then vanished from history. With Alice as
our guide, we’ll take you back to the past, stand next to her and look
into her future, our present

Production Team:

Emmy nominated Producers for Bhutto.
Pamela Green Director
Jarik Van Sluijs Co- Director

Narrator- Jodie Foster

About the Production:

“When we first heard about Alice, we were surprised that we didn’t know
about her and even more surprised that the film industry didn’t either.
We had to tell her story.Alice had it all ,dreams, passion and
determination. With our unique storytelling approach will shed light on
Alice’s story and show the world what an amazing pioneer she was setting
an example for future generations. It’s an amazing time to explore and
there is no better guide than Alice herself. We are hoping not only to inform but also entertain and finally put Alice back into history where she belongs.” —

Current Status:

 In production.

For more information and to support this project:

Film Website
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Muriel Lombaerts

I never heard her name… Yet I am always passionate for the 7th Art! I'm very excited to see your documentary. If I was I producer, I'll give you the money to make this film! Good luck;-)


Some stories can not be forgotten,some have to be told for the first time-Be Natural Is THE ONE!

John Bailey

The written story of Alice Guy has been a subject for feminist scholars. But Guy's contributions to film history and technology are at least of the same rank as her more lauded male contemporaries. The goal of the documentary, as I read it, is to center Guy smack in the same circle of creative wizardry as the magician Melies and the documentarians Lumieres. This film will not be an academic historical exercise, but a vibrant testament to one of cinema's pioneering artists, as actually seen in her films.


Yes, I think that her story needs to be told and seen!

Susan Kurtz

My vote is for Be Natural. The story of Alice Guy is so important for the history of film. It's another example of a woman unaware of doing something extraordinary and becoming a major pioneer in the creation and structure of the film industry. It is so important this film be made.
So vote, please vote for Alice Guy.

Alison McMahan

re the number of films Alice Guy wrote, produced, directed, the count is based on her Gaumont silent filmography (1896 to 1907); the synchronized sound films she directed for Gaumont (over 150!) between 1902 and 1906; and the films she made in the United States, including the one, two, three and four reelers for Solax and the feature length films (22!) she directed for Blache Features and as a freelance director. You can download all the filmographies and study them, title by title from the alice guy blache website.
When Alice Guy died she thought only three of her films remained in existence. When I started my research in 1992 we knew of about 40. By the time I wrote my book the list was up to 111. Now we know of over 132 that still exist, though some need to be preserved. Most of Alice Guy's Gaumont films are available on DVD but hardly any of the films she made in America, which is where most of the recent discoveries have been made. PIC's BE NATURAL will make these films (at least clips from them) universally accessible, along with Alice Guy's amazing story. So vote for BE NATURAL!

Alison McMahan

Vote for Alice Guy!

Michael Schaefer

This is a beautiful project! Discovering the story of the first female Indie! ;-) Let's vote for it!

Xanthe Sunni OConnor

Xanthe Sunni O'Connor Re Alice Guy Blache 1875 – 1968 was not only the first female director …but the First Director and one of the first true film entrepreneurs. she produced nearly 300 film as well as undertaking script writing, set design and the many other tasks that go into making a film. Blache"s films straddled a variety of genres from comedy,science fiction to the first "Cow Boy" films. She opened production companies in France and America. It wasn't until she was 78 yrs old, she eventually became recognished and honoured in France, as the first female film maker in the world. Blache died alone at the grand old age of 95, she died anonymously. It maybe said that womens contribution to film making is small, and that is why how the plethora of Women directors/producers in the early days of film making, have been omitted from history. But, Blache"s film making, and documentation of her work can been as a microcosm of her and the many other dynamic female pioners of film,that have been also omited from film history. There is however no arguement that Blache"s heroic pioneer skils as a film maker is exceptional with nearly 300 films under her belt, and that in anyone"s no mean feat, least we forget about the many othe female pioneers of film. Blache"s story is a lesson in time, learn your history Girlz…or be forgotten in time…
Can you please send research note re a 1,000 films, as although my research and dissertation was on the work of pioneer female film makers in 1997. My research showed 300 films, but as history is a ever changing land of sifting sand and changes with wind of uncovered research. Best of luck with project )

Stacey Sills

My vote is for Be Natural. This is an amazing story filled with inspiration and achievement.


This project is tremendously important. Please get the word out there and let's help this film get made!


Let's make this project of the week by voting today!!


This is definitely an important project to support. Please spread the word and make this happen!

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