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Rachel McAdams Joins Wim Wenders’ ‘Every Thing Will Be Fine’

Rachel McAdams Joins Wim Wenders' 'Every Thing Will Be Fine'

In the works for about a year now, you may have missed the announcement, Wim Wenders‘ next feature film is now in front of cameras in the lovely city of Montreal. In addition to the previously revealed James Franco, the picture also bolstered its cast with Charlotte Gainsbourg and Marie-Josée Croze. Now another actress has joined the picture, and one that makes the project all the more enticing.

Rachel McAdams will make her way to Quebec to participate in the drama which will be shot in Wenders’ beloved new 3D format. Penned by Bjørn Olaf Johannessen, the film tells the story of Tomas (Franco), a writer who loses control of his life after a car accident, in which he kills a young boy. Even though he is not directly at fault, his relationship with his girlfriend breaks down because of this event and his life and work suddenly set off in a completely new direction. The film follows Tomas over a period of 12 years and tells an intimate story of guilt and the search for forgiveness. 

McAdams will take the role of the girlfriend (a part once attached to Sarah Polley), with Gainsbourg as the mother of the slain child and Robert Naylor as the kid’s brother. So yes, we’re definitely keeping an eye on this one — even if Wenders’ latter day dramas haven’t always been satisfying — and even if we have to wear 3D glasses to do so. [THR]

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It's surprising she works with several big directors while she doesn't have much range. I didn't like her in Passion, and her part in To The Wonder is so strange, like she's playing some sort of little girl, and it's s quite forgetable. In terms of talent, she's nowhere near Cate Blanchett or Rooney Mara for example, and others… There are so many great actresses that are much more interesting than her, and that put much more heart in what they do. She often appear to do the minimum in every roles she plays… A pretty face and a cute smile are not enough to be a good actress.

Chris L.

Would rather have seen Polley tackle this than McAdams, but it still has the makings of a major (narrative) comeback film for Wenders. Which is long overdue.

oogle monster

Damn McAdams has quietly racked up one of the more impressive resumes in recent years. She has worked with Malick, De Palma, Crowe, Corbin and now Wenders in the last year. KUDOS!

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