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Rumor: Ewan McGregor Wants To Do A Standalone Obi-Wan Kenobi Movie

Rumor: Ewan McGregor Wants To Do A Standalone Obi-Wan Kenobi Movie

So, is “Star Wars: Episode 7” going to be a spook-tacular sequel the likes of which the franchise has never seen? Or are the filmmakers just finding any old excuse to include as many old characters as possible in the next movie? Well, we’ll have to wait until Disney decides to announce something (and even then, they’ll be playing any details close to chest for a while yet) and thus, the rumor mill is where news will be discussed and debated. And another has landed today.

You might remember that a couple of days ago, rumors surfaced that Ian McDiarmid and his character of Emperor Palpatine would return in “Star Wars: Episode 7” as a “Force Ghost” or something. And it seems he won’t be the only one (allegedly) returning as an apparition. According to Latino Review, Obi-Wan Kenobi will also appear from the afterlife in some fashion, to be played by Ewan McGregor, reprising his role from the prequels. (We guess they’d put the “Hitchcock” make-up on him?) But that’s probably the least interesting part of all of this.

The site also claims that according to their source, McGregor wants to do an Obi-Wan standalone movie, but “whether he gets one or not is still up in the air.” Of course, Disney has already confirmed that there will be standalone movies outside of the original saga and Simon Kinberg and Lawrence Kasdan are penning these spin-offs, though characters haven’t yet been officially confirmed. But an one-off with Obi-Wan? It’s certainly potentially interesting, particularly if McGregor is game.

But as always, take this all with a bucket of salt. Anything could happen, and who knows how anything plays out, but feel free to discuss below.

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Kenobi is one of the best books of any of the Star Wars franchise. If they don't make a movie out of it, it would be a shame.


YES McGregor was the saving grace of the prequels! Best Obi Wan they couldn't found. I would like to see a movie between the trilogies where he's living as a badass fugitive from the empire. think about it, with Vader in charge knowing Obi Wan is alive, wouldn't Kenobi become the Most Wanted #1?? there's a huge missing story there


He should've said this before 1999. The entire prequel trilogy should have been about either Obi-Wan (seeing him become the man he is in A New Hope) or him and Anakin becoming friends (actually showing us, not telling us about it in an elevator).


This movie would be awesome!


Obi-Wan in an espionage/spy thriller as he watches over the elementary school aged Luke Skywalker on Tattooine, protecting him from harm and shit that would be badass. I've always wanted another Star Wars with a 10 year old kid sharing the lead.


Just title the flick KENOBI… and have him striking a kick ass pose with a lightsaber on the poster and I'm there. He can be the equilevant to a Ronin samurai wandering the galaxy.


Obi Wan flick would be bad ass… You can have him on the run from the empire and bounty hunters as Vader and the Emperor continue to eliminate the Jedi after the events of revenge of the Sith. Or him just getting into random adventures protecting the helpless around the galaxy. Or him leading a small group of last remaining Jedi as a rebel force against the empire. Seven Samurai sort of thing. So many possibilities


this would be awesome, please happen


considering that he was the best actor in the prequels and arguably the most interesting character they would be stupid not to do this if he is up for it.

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