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Scientist Searches Of Ultimate Reality In Experimental Short ‘Noise Gate’ (Short Shouts!)

Scientist Searches Of Ultimate Reality In Experimental Short 'Noise Gate' (Short Shouts!)

Long-time readers of this blog will be aware of our appreciation for films that are a little off the beaten path – especially when it comes to black cinema. It’s always a pleasure to come across a film that takes chances, and looks like it’s trying for something other than the usual.

Sometimes it works; other times, it doesn’t. But the attempt is always welcome.

Here’s an experimental short film that I watched on the AfroFuturist Affair tumblr, titled Noise Gate, directed by Vim Crony, a multi-disciplinary artist.

The film is about a scientist traveling through different dimensions, in search of the ultimate reality, via something called the “Noise Gate,” hence the title.


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Poetess X

Wow! I really can't believe I'm first! I''m kinda shocked by this.

I really liked this! I didn't quite get the whole idea of what the story was trying to tell, but I like that it exists. Being an Steampunk, Goth, SciFi and Fant enthusiast, I appreciate seeing my people endure the future just like everyone else! So, I feel this is a wonderful effort and reach for the future world.

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