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See Episode 1 of New Web Series ‘Jaded’ (Three Women Jaded by Love)

See Episode 1 of New Web Series 'Jaded' (Three Women Jaded by Love)

Here’s the latest in the popular web series trend – a romantic comedy following three women who are “over love.” Starring America’s Next Top Model winner Sal Stowers and written and executive produced by Crystal Jenkins, JaNeika James and JaSheika James, the first episode of Jaded premiered today. 

The plot: 

After a bad breakup
with her fiance, Jade (Stowers) vows to never fall in love again.
Her determination is tested when she meets Eric (McKinley Freeman), a
handsome tattoo artist, intent on wooing her. Coco (Natasha Marc), on
the other hand, is determined to avoid heartbreak by never committing to
a relationship; while Destiny (Raney Branch) is adamant that her past
failed relationships will not stop her from finding “Mr. Right.

Find Episode 1 below: 

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I agree Krissy..the director killed it.. you can have Mckinley..I want shorty on the left..:)

next lev

Agreed Akimbo.. Well directed..but can't get past the dude in the bar.. hot ladies though


Another well-shot, poorly-written, and horribly-acted web series. On to the next.

Miles Ellison

Sex in the City in blackface. Yay. Maybe in the next episode they can open a beauty shop.


I applaud the efforts of these women producers! BRAVO! However, the writing is a little corny and unrealistic (that whole scene in the driveway was hard to listen to). I will tune in again in order to show my support, but I don't feel the storyline is a new one, and the writing and acting is inconsistent….therefore I'm not sure this will take off and be a huge success online.


Wow! I'm glad i saw that! Now I don't have to go see Blue Jasmine. Sigh…I give up.


Why is the one on the right dressed like a skank? This will pull in some low vibrational audiences. Have fun with that.

Jar dan

Ill pass. I like the way you guys shot it. But it's just not my thing. Sorry :(

Jar dan

Ill pass. I like the way you guys shot it. But it's just not my thing. Sorry :(


Looks good. Ill tune in. Better than 90% of garbage online


Looks good. Ill tune in. Better than 90% of garbage online

Todd bod

Finally a web series that spent a little money on a good director. Nice looking cast. This should do well. Ill watch again.

Sterling Cooper

That fine choco-latte on the hard right in the silver dress will be hearing from my people. She need not wear any other garment ever except for that.

Also, what's a web series?


No one associated with this tired, trite, ultimately unredeeming project appears to have substantial talent (in front or behind the cameras) — but I'm sure they all look good.


Its nice to see McKinley Freeman. He currently stars in VH1's Hit the Floor, and yes, he is fine! I will watch this just to see him!


Gorgeous cast in a beautifully shot web series. Kudos to the director! But oh my goodness, that McKinley is fiiiiiziiiinnne!!! Can't wait to see more.


I don't know if it's bad acting or the trite lines that's giving me the most angst? I mean, I cringe every time I hear the same ol same ol woe is we-black-women-who-can't-find-a-good-man. Isn't that storyline played to death?

In reference to the "acting", it is typical of web series' in general. I don't believe there are too many actors who will be "discovered" in that new frontier. I'm serious, I can't think of one actor in a web series who would attract the words… "QUICK, SIGN THEM BEFORE ANYONE ELSE DOES". But maybe, to be fair, I don't believe the funds for most web series has a budget that allows the actor ample time to feel their roles. You know, some roles take weeks and even months to reach a point of perfection. And lets be honest, some lines (no matter who's saying them) will have the ring of corny, contrived and fake. So, if that's true, can we really expect an actor to turn straw into gold?

Then again, taking a hint from the film He's Just Not Into You, it's possible I just can't relate to this series 'cause… well… I am just not into flicks on black women crying about the love they lost. And really, since I am a dude, and thus I am not privy to other guys pickup lines, someone has to tell me if guys really approach women the way that clown did in this clip? And, are some women really that desperate to find Mr. Goodbar or Mr. Sugardaddy, or friends with benifits, as the chicks in this series?


Hire better actors . . . its typical and expected . . . but you could probably let that pass if the acting wasn't so bad.

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