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Short Shout – Watch The Unique Sci-Fi/Urban Thriller Short ‘Transporter’

Short Shout - Watch The Unique Sci-Fi/Urban Thriller Short ‘Transporter’

One thing for sure, it certainly is different. But that’s
what we like.

You might recall back in May that we posted HERE an item writer/director Daman
Kickstarter campaign for his short film Transporter.

Well it looks like it worked out for him, and his short is now finally finished and ready
to be seen.

With Taimak, Ibn Dixon, Petronia Paley, Nelcie Souffrant and Quadiri Bolare in the cast, the film is an “an all-black sci-fi psychological
thriller about a young man (played by Oliver) at a crossroads in his troubled

I don’t want to say anymore about it and let you discover
it for yourself. But the journey to make the film, like all films, wasn’t easy.

According to Colquhoun, his film project “was
born out of Ron Howard’s / Canon’s Project Imaginat10n Photo Contest.
” However, his image – Manhattan’s Many Moons – ultimately wasn’t chosen by any of the five celebrity directors to inspire
their short films.

But that didn’t stop Colquhoun; and when Canon, shortly
afterward, announced their Project
Imaginat10n Film Contest,
he went for it.

From the first day of Canon’s official contest announcement,
Damon had less than four months to conceive, write, fundraise, cast, produce,
and deliver the film. 

Now, Transporter is a finalist (1 of 20 out of hundreds), and Colquhoun is anticipating that Transporter will be one of their five winning

Wish him luck..

Take a look at Transporter for yourself:

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You really need to pick up the pace on this project. It was boring as all get out and didn't have any suspense. Wish you the best but this was not the business. I wasted 10 minutes and didn't even get hyped about this.


check kickstarter update 3. the lead avtor was changed the character darien is played by Ibn Dixon no Oliver.

Daryl Watson

That was excellent and unpredictable. My congrats to the filmmaker for an unusual yet gripping little film.


He needed a kickstarter for THAT? Four rooms, one exterior and one VERY crappy-looking CGI shot.
Man, there's a lot of people out there getting chumps to send them free money just for requesting it. What a waste.

Uncle Snem

That was a slow 10 minutes

other song

the fuck? there's nothing remotely scifi about this short.


I hope he wins. I would love to see more of this? What is a transporter? Why is having one so important? I have questions!!

Damon Colquhoun

Quick note: Phil Oliver was replaced by Ibn Dixon.

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