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Spike Lee Defends His Kickstarter Campaign On Bloomberg TV

Spike Lee Defends His Kickstarter Campaign On Bloomberg TV

No question that Spike
current Kickstarter campaign for his latest project has created some controversy, and judging from the photo above, it seems that Spike and New York City Mayor Michael
seem to get along.

So I’m reasoning that Spike thought he would get a warn reception
when he appeared yesterday on Bloomberg
to talk about his campaign.

Instead he got challenged from the get-go, which he
obviously didn’t appreciate and was forced to defend his campaign.

knowing Spike I’m sure he loved it as well…

Take a look:


h/t to Stacie Hawkins

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Joseph Kool

Insecure little negro

Miles Ellison

Did this network criticize Kristen Bell about Veronica Mars like this? Did they criticize Zach Braff like this? Are they going to criticize Soderbergh like this if he goes the Kickstarter route? Just asking.


PREACH! Brother Spike….. sho nuff got up in her….lol he took over!



Did they ask the guy from Scrubs that same question?


II think the argument is that if Spike Lee is successful with this campaign, it's going to attract more well-known filmmakers. If this happens, then the people donating might gloss over the unknowns in an effort to donate to the next Soderbergh, Scorcese, Tarantino, Fincher, etc. film. This may or may not be true, but those are the concerns. And Trish was just trying to ask Spike, if you've done it before and are so well-known with such a fanbase, why turn to Kickstarter? You can do your own fundraising and leave Kickstarter for the up and comers. I don't really have a side on all this, but, even though I adore his films, I think Spike took this interview way to personally. She wasn't intentionally trying to attack him.


GAWD what an intolerable asshole he is.


1:09 look at all that panic in Trish's face! lol "Oh know what did I start!" That's right Trish. Agree with the losers on the playlist you patronizing host waste. Would you like to replace Elisabeth on the view?


"Some have said." That is bs by definition. That's a way for people to say whatever they want to and hide behind supposed public opinion. Some could mean 10 people.


THAT'S MY MAN… Spike got that ass! I loved it. Ms. Betty Crocker will think twice before coming at Spike Lee like that — EVER AGAIN.

Btw, Ms. KJL, did you listen? I mean, although you're probably not a disrespectful kneejerk white girl (I don't think) who hasn't lived long enough to understand Spike's significance to the world of black cinema, nevertheless he was addressing your **coughunsubstantiatedcough** opinions.

h/t to CYNTHIA REID & MIKTAL for staying on the right side.

Cynthia Reid

Just so you know @KJL, I'm giving–as most folks are–based on his TRACK RECORD. I'm not sure if folks understand that Hollywood is NOT into making small-budget indie films, especially by black filmmakers. So projects that cater to a subset (ethnic, gay, woman-centered,etc…) are often overlooked, no matter how worthy the project may be. Also, some of you may want to start with the old S&A site and go through the S&A archives here on Indiewire to see not only how long he's been trying to get various indie projects funded by "traditional" sources, but to also get a TRUE and ACCURATE assessment of ALL the filmmakers he's helped (financially and otherwise) over the years that you don't know about. And in case you didn't know, he did finance RED HOOK SUMMER.

Btw, if you really think Trish Regan would have treated Redford or Scorsese the same way in the above interview, then I've got a magic rock to sell you. If Scorsese or Redford started a Kickstarter campaign, I'd gladly give to them along with a myriad of other filmmakers like Julie Dash, Euzhan Palcy and others who have a PROVEN TRACK RECORD. The fact that Spike has to defend himself is reprehensible. Me giving to them doesn't distract or "take away" my support of newbie artist. In fact, it's the opposite. My giving is limitless.


This shit was way juicier than I expected. Haha!


For S&A readers, Question -How long did it take the Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign to reach it's goal and I think they asked for much more than he is asking. And Zach Braff's campaign did not take long either. Remember Spike is extremely stubborn, something that is not always good in the film industry so him not releasing more details like Veronica Mars did might be his detriment


Right on, Spike!


With all due respect, Spike, Crowdfunding has been around for more than 4 years. It's not the "next" new wave… in tech/entertainment terms, that's a long while. It's about as novel as Final Draft is to word processing.

Just crossing my fingers that he's not trying to do a sequel to Vampire in Brooklyn.


The only thing to be said here is, if this movie isn't important enough to Mr. Lee to finance himself, when he could easily do so, why should anyone else pay for it? And why is Mr. Lee offering nothing but trinkets to his "investors"? Is he a charity case now?

And he's a "professor" at NYU because they pay him, and the respect and admiration he gets there are priceless.

What a self-serving boor.

Cynthia Reid

But honestly, do you think she would have opened her segment this way if she was talking to Robert Redford or Martin Scorsese? This was a DESPICABLE interview. Challenging is not a big deal, he's use to that…That's been the basis of his whole career. But the whole premise of this interview was to discredit. It was poor journalism. Anyways, I'm increasing my pledge. Go Spike!

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