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Spike Lee Reaches $1 Million Mark On Kickstarter Campaign

Spike Lee Reaches $1 Million Mark On Kickstarter Campaign

Well he said he was going to do and it looks like he will.

Spike Lee has always said from the beginning that he will reach his goal of raising $1.25 million through Kickstarter for his next film and it looks he has nearly reached his goal.

Spike has raised $1,000,605 which is about 80% of his goal, for his currently titled “The
Newest Hottest Spike Lee Joint,
and it looks likely that he will be able to raise the rest of the money by the campaign’s Aug. 31 cut off date.

Lee has only described the film as “being focused on human
beings who are addicted to blood,
 and last week, he revealed that he had cast
British actress Zaraah Abrahams as the female lead.

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Sterling Cooper

Serge, I know this is off topic, but WHERE is today's mention of Spike getting FIRED off the James Brown pic? I ask YOU since you seemed the most vehement concerning his defense.

Honestly, you Spike fans are starting to resemble Republican Bush supporters with every passing day. I suppose you will tell me he was fired because of "racism", and it had NOTHING to do with his stunted ability to communicate as a creative person.


Thank God for Sipke Lee!

Gerald Clark

MyBrotha Spike sd consider making "Patton's Panthers" his next flic or using a L.A. Banks book as the basis for his vampire story -but that wd blow the Twilight people out of the water. Well at least he is not doing a zombie movie, oh wait one -he cd use "Devils Wake" by Due/Barnes or show Lucas how it sd be Properly Done by making a screen play from the book "Homestead Grays" Naming the Heroes Correctly and doing Chappie and our historic Redtails accurately proud. Our Ancestors watch ovah Spike.

Bohemian princess

The deadline is August 21st not the 31st.

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