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Spike Lee Reveals Actress Cast To Play Lead Role In His New Mystery Joint – Zaraah Abrahams

Spike Lee Reveals Actress Cast To Play Lead Role In His New Mystery Joint - Zaraah Abrahams

An update I’m sure you all would like to be made aware of from the Kickstarter page for Spike Lee’s mystery joint (thanks Numa for the heads-up):

English Actor, Ms. Zaraah Abrahams has been offered the Woman Lead in my New Film here on Kickstarter. I first saw Zaraah in BLACK GIRL IN PARIS, this is a NYU GRAD Thesis Film Directed by Kiandra Parks, a Student of mine. I remember Kiandra screening a rough cut of her film in my NYU Office, as I watched I kept being drawn to the Co-Star, she was dominating this 20 Minute Film. After the screening was done I told Kiandra that “She had a very good film” and “Who is the Co-Star? What is her name? Where did she come from? How did you find her? How come she is the Co-Star and not the lead? I need to get in touch with her.” I tracked her down and Zarrah is even better than I thought. If I know anything, I know Young Talent. These are Individuals who have that special something, a true gift from God and they only need the platform, the vehicle to “SHOW DA WORLD” what they got.

So obviously, he’s cast his lead actress. 

Interestingly, Black Girl In Paris is a film we first highlighted on this blog last fall, and have been tracking since then, so this is good to hear! 

Congrats to Ms Abrahams on getting the role! This will likely be her highest-profile Stateside project to date!

This news comes on the heels of Spike’s announcement that Raphael Saadiq would be scoring the film.

Still no word on what this new Spike Lee joint is about, and we’re all anxious to get the full story… eventually. All we know is that there’ll be lots of nudity and blood addiction. But it’s not a vampire film, as he’s emphasized. 

As of the time of this post, he’s raised just over $681,000 of his $1.25 million Kickstarter campaign goal, with 16 days left. Will he get there? Well, he’s raised just about half of what he needs in the first 2 weeks of the campaign, so there’s no reason to believe the second and final 2 weeks won’t be just as fruitful.

To contribute to the campaign, click HERE.

Read our interview with Spike, in which he discusses the campaign and project, HERE, if you haven’t.

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Charles Judson

I believe we're underplaying how much Spike is being true to his word. Spike said he wanted to cast up and comers and unknowns, the type of actors who aren't being considered. Well, before this announcement, how many of us had ever heard of Zaraah Abrahams outside of the UK? Even with her extensive resume, her credits are overwhelmingly in TV, not in film. As far as the current financing market would be concerned, Abrahams wouldn't be a strong draw, and her foreign presales numbers would be non-existent compared to other names Spike could have cast if he wanted to go more traditional funding routes. Names such as Zoe Saldana would be the first ones dangled in one front of Spike by financiers.

If we want to see the Spike's of the world cast more actors like Abrahams, who clearly have been working consistently, with a longer resume than even some of their white counterparts–on either side of the pond–crowdfunding will be ONE-not the only, but ONE–of those avenues.

We have to keep in mind that the same pressure on Spike to cast a Zoe, so he can get the upfront funding, so he can better ensure that the film will generate distributor interest before it's even played a festival, so the film will have a higher profile to get into larger festivals, extends to all levels of filmmaking. There are low-budget filmmakers who currently can't even get a programmer to look at their films by some New York arthouses and microcinemas because they have no names in their cast. Don't be fooled into thinking that Spike's barriers aren't our barriers as well.


Good for her, I feel like there's a huge drought in minority actresses. I mean the only Black actresses that are getting consistent film work are Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer, Zoe Saldana and Paula Patton. I can't say I'm a huge fan of Paula and Zoe. Sigh.


The first time I saw her was in a miniseries based on Jacqueline Wilson books. I'm really glad for her;I think she is very talented.

Screen Nation

Comes as no surprise to us as she won the 2013 Young Shooting Star award at the recent Screen Nation Film & TV Awards and her role in Black Girl in Paris was just one of the reasons for her win. Zaraah is one of our fave young actors and this role is much deserved and gives hope to loads of young black British actresses.

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