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Spike Lee Shares Park Chan-Wook’s Reaction To His Remake Of ‘Oldboy’ Plus New Pics From The Film

Spike Lee Shares Park Chan-Wook's Reaction To His Remake Of 'Oldboy' Plus New Pics From The Film

As the summer tentpole season starts wrapping up, one of the films we’re most curious to see in the latter half of the year is Spike Lee’s “Oldboy” remake. While the red-band trailer released last month seemed to alleviate some fears, the fact still remains that Park Chan-Wook’s 2005 film is arguably one of the few classic films released in the 21st century so far. It seems that Lee’s leading man Josh Brolin was so nervous about following in the Korean film’s footsteps that he sat down with the lauded South Korean filmmaker to ask for permission.

During a Q&A session (or AMA) on Reddit, Lee told a redditor that before filming commenced on the remake, “Brolin went to Park Chan-wook and asked for his blessing. He told Josh ‘you and Spike make your own film, don’t remake ours.’ And that’s what we did.” Fair enough, though the trailer did seem to follow the same outline as Chan-Wook’s film, there was some flair that was undeniably all Lee. However, as one smart-ass commenter noted, Chan-Wook’s quote — or Lee’s second-hand account of it — could be read as the Korean filmmaker chastising Brolin and Lee for attempting to film the same story. We’re sure the former meaning is the correct one to be taken away, though.

We’ll all find out how Lee & company did — and how the hell they’ll handle the ending — when “Oldboy” arrives in theaters on November 27th. Until then, here are some new pics from the film. [JoBlo/Anime News Network]

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did you even read it?

Sure it was based on the manga, but did any of you even read it? Park really turned it into his own movie, and changed it for the better. The manga really is not that good.


"Park Chan-Wook’s 2005 film is arguably one of the few classic films released in the 21st century so far."

Based on what?

ARGUABLY is the key word with that particular statement…


Of course the story lines are similar. Both movies are based upon the graphic novel.


Is there any doubt the big fight scene isn't scored to MC Hammer's 'Can't Touch This'? Probably his entire impetus for remaking it.


Oldboy has actually been remade in India by a film maker named Sanjay Gupta. Its called Zinda. Do watch it .. if anyone cares about comparisons.


The title is a little more than misleading, and frankly wreaks of click bait.. You know very well that that quote has been floating around for a long time. Yet you word it to make it sound like Chan Wook Park watched Lees version and was going to share his review. The worst though, is treating a reddit post like its news.

I expect more from this site. You've lost my respect today, so I'm turning adblock back on for this site and I'm not going to click on your sponsors adds anymore. ( yes I actually do that for sites I like.)


one of the most pointless remakes in recent memory. there is no way it can match the original.


"Oldboy is from 2003…"
And is also hideously over-rated.

And why do people keep forgetting that Park Chan-wook didn't come up with the story in the first place – it's based on a graphic novel, for Pete's sake…


Oldboy is from 2003..

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