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Susanne Bier To Direct Saoirse Ronan In ‘Mary Queen Of Scots’

Susanne Bier To Direct Saoirse Ronan In 'Mary Queen Of Scots'

While we continue to wait for Susanne Bier‘s “Serena” — you remember, the Depression-era drama starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper that was shot forever ago and it is still under wraps — it looks like the director is gearing up yet another project. You may recall that over a year ago it was announced that Saoirse Ronan was going to star in “Mary Queen Of Scots” (not to be confused with the film hitting TIFF)…and then not much else was heard. Well it looks like it has found a helmer in Bier.

The director is in talks to direct the flick, with Penelope Skinner (“How I Live Now“) working on the script with the previously announced Michael Hirst (“Elizabeth“). Ronan will obviously take the juicy leading part, the queen of Scotland, who married a first cousin, who wound up being murdered, then hooked up with the guy accused of setting up the killing, leading to an an uprising and imprisonment in Loch Leven Castle. Mary also attempted to assassinate Queen Elizabeth, leading to her execution. So, definitely lots to dive into for director and star alike.

No word yet on when this might shoot, but the wheels seem to be turning once again on this one, so we’ll keep an ear and eye out. Also brewing for Bier is a re-team with Lawrence on “The Rules Of Inheritance” and an adaptation of “This Beautiful Life.”  [Screen Daily]

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Jennifer Lawrence is overrated. Saoirse Ronan and Shailene Woodley are ahead of her in the acting department.

Farah X

Jennifer Lawrence actually died in 2o11 in a boating accident and the new actress receiving all this acclaim is a clone. Bier is one of the few people who has become intimately close with this new clone.


Saoirse's comments about Jennifer Lawrence (and Emma Stone) >
"It’s an interesting time to be a young actress, she says. ‘A lot of the films that are being released right now are centred on young women and strong women. I’d love to work with Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone because they are fantastic. I think it is a good time to be in the company of other people who don’t want to sexualise themselves or objectify themselves."

Hmmmm…sounds like at least SHE"S a fan of Jennifer's.


okay why are we even using the term 'blowhard'


Wow, look at the Lawrence blowhards here. Pot. Kettle. Black.

Her Oscar win is a joke. To perform that badly and still win an Oscar at that age must mean she's paid her dues. That means sexual favors. I've lived the life there, that's how things are run over there. Every mediocre actress could have done the same delivery. Sorry to burst your bubble folks. That bikini magazine spread prior was a dead give away.

Can't say I've seen Ronan do anything raunchy like that. She doesn't need it, she's talented enough but Hollywood will find a way to corrupt her too.


Like I said, look at all these Ronan blowhards. The article wasn't even comparing the two actresses, but Ronan fans had to make it into an argument. For this, I hope How I Live Now is met with mixed reviews just to piss all you blowhards.


The amount of ignorance in this post… You people don't even bother checking your facts.


@Amanda First of all, you need to get your facts straight. You trash How I Live Now, but the film won't officially screen until its world debut next month at TIFF. And BTW, the only reactions I've read from those who have seen advanced screenings have been tremendously positive. A woman who writes for The Guardian and has contributed to The New York Times said the film was brilliant and Saoirse was "phenomenal."

She was by far the best thing about The Host, and especially in the cave section, her screen presence was quite powerful, and she excelled despite being saddled with some truly silly dialogue and a poorly conceived voice-over technique. And I guess you've forgotten JL's performance in X-Men.

V&D was a niche art-house film in which the two female characters were presented with little expository background, but they both did well with the roles in what was a strange mash-up of a film.

Your description of her acting is frankly ludicrous. Simply put: she is the best film actress of her generation. Being about four years younger than JL, she hasn't had the opportunity to play some of the better roles available to actresses who're a little older. However, I've seen all her films, and her natural acting ability is off the charts. And no one else has her unusual almost otherworldly screen presence.


Winston, you don't belong here let the adults talk.


Whoa, easy here folks. Both are good actresses. People must realize Ronan doesn't live in Hollywood, she does everything from her home base in Ireland and that includes auditioning where Lawrence lives in Hollywood like almost every other actress. It's very if not extremely impressive to score such high caliber roles and not even use her own accent in a movie to date.

It might be better for her to move to Hollywood and have equal opportunities as Lawrence. The Hunger Games would have been a success with any other actress at the helm, the books are a world wide phenomenon. She was very good in Winter's Bone and the nod was deserved.

To anyone who claims either one is mediocre or can't act is just lashing out. Fanboys are pathetic. Anyone who can judge objectively can see both are talented.



Nuff said.



You say Ronan is good and then you bad mouth her even to the level of CW…wtf?

You even name movies that haven't even come out yet which meams you haven't even watched them. I've never seen her overact in anything, not her style at all. I for one am looking forward to her future, with that much talent lots of awards are waiting for her and more importantly riveting performances.

I see Winston fell for the PR machine.


J-Law is a decent actress, but miscast as Katniss in my opinion. She's too old and too nourished for the part. She doesn't look hungry at all. Saoirse would have been a better fit, she lean and very athletic. She's a good actress, she's great in what I've seen from her up to now. She's already displayed much more range and versatility compared to J-Law so it's kinda odd Jennifer already won an Oscar for a role that didn't require good acting at all, her performance really disappointed me after all the hype. I can name a dozen performances at least last year which were much better but that's Hollywood.

I can easily see Saoirse Ronan tackling this character down to the core, I hope Bier makes it worth while.


Both Lawrence and Ronan are amazingly talented. I really don't understand this need to run down one actress to build up another, you don't see articles on young male actors with these sort of comments.


Look at the Ronan blowhards here. It's one thing to appreciate her talent it's another to act like a blind sheep.


Lawrence is overhyped and overrated. Don't get tricked by the Hollywood pr machine, just look at what's in front of you and judge for yourself. Ronan runs circles around every actress in her age range and that includes Jennifer Lawrence. Ronan just has it, it's easy to spot.


@SAMNYC….Serena hasn't been released anywhere, AT ALL….how have you seen it…where did you see it????. If you have, then please give us details. Otherwise, I'm just going to believe that you must be so full of SHIT that you'd float.


having seen Suzanne's latest film, SERENA…which is seriously so bad.. many feel it's UNRELEASABLE…I can't believe she's somehow managed to get another gig.

kindred spirit

It's confirmed that Magnolia does not hold the distribution rights to SERENA. Might want to update your article.

kindred spirit

Isn't she directing J. Law's next film as well (the one Lawrence is producing)? Something similar to Eat Pray Love? Anyway- Ronan is a superb actress who really really needs to stay away from kitschy material like The Host. And who else thinks Serena is a huge stinker? No word, no official release date, does it even have a studio behind it?


I so want to support a female director but I have found all of Susanne Bier's English language work so disappointing.

What's with the sudden resurgence of interest in M anyway? Her life was certainly interesting but she was such an idiot.


I don't know how old Saoirse Ronan is but she is such a powerful actress with such a deep well that she can run circles around so many actresses of her age range and beyond and easily blow away Jennifer Lawrence who I feel is awesome but Saoirse is on another planet in terms of how she is bring something no one can seem to tap into on screen!!

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