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Sylvester Stallone Is Mad At Bruce Willis Over $1 Million Dollars

Sylvester Stallone Is Mad At Bruce Willis Over $1 Million Dollars

What’s a million dollars between friends (or colleagues)? Apparently, a lot. As you might remember, the cinematic world did a collective HUH? when it was announced earlier this week that Harrison Ford was stepping into “The Expendables 3,” while Bruce Willis was exiting. But the news was made all the more fascinating when in a tweet, Stallone called John McClane “greedy” and “lazy.” Now it seems the story behind that animosity has surfaced.

According to THR, it all came down to dollars and cents. Apparently, Stallone had offered Willis $3 million for four days work in Bulgaria on the movie, and the latter countered with a demand for $4 million. Then all hell broke loose it seems. Why asking for what amounts to an extra $250,000/day was the straw that broke the camels back is a bit of mystery… After all, Kellan Lutz can’t cost too much can he? Also, given that the budget for “The Expendables 2” was $100 million, it’s not like this is penny-pinching endeavour. 

Either way, Stallone comes off as a bit of a short fuse and Willis probably dodged a bullet by not being in this movie anyway. A source talking to the trade claims that Willis was “surprised” by being dumped and the sequel wound up getting “a better actor, a much nicer person and a more interesting direction for the film.” Nicer? Clearly this person has not met the infamous curmudgeon that is Ford. But then again, Willis hasn’t exactly been a ball of laughs recently either…

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Jimmy Tang

Sounds like Sylvester Stallone is a dick who can't handle some reasonable negotiation. Yes, guys like Willis can command a crapload of money, but that's only fair given the years of hard work, pathetic pay (and not to mention ridicule from family and so-called 'friends' who believe they have your best interests at heart by claiming you are a loser wasting your life in an attempt to shift you into a 'respectable' occupation), that almost every actor has to go through before they even have a chance of making it big. I would say Stallone just proved HE is the lazy one, as he seems too lazy to negotiate with a respected colleague over a measly million bucks, especially given the fact he will probably be making 4 times that from the movie.


Sylvester Stallone is mad at Bruce Willis over "one dollar million dollars?" Words have meanings, Playlist. Are you trying to look unprofessional?


this doesn't look like a short fuse problem. the extra million was the incentive Stallone needed and that's it.


Old people fighting. Ew.


poor Bruce Willis,he really needed that extra million,he has bills to pay.


Playlist, you're missing a huge part of the story…again. Stallone used the word "LAZY" in his description as to why Bruce Willis was not returning. There is clearly more to the story which you apparently didn't obtain. It's not so much as the million dollar a day payday he was demanding, but the work he was putting in didn't warrant it.

You are also forgetting the fact that these movies are not just sold on the Willis name. He was part of an ensemble which he just found out that he's definitely replaceable. Now if anyone thinks that Harrison Ford isn't getting that million dollars a day that Willis who is a lesser star now was demanding, really doesn't know the business.

Stallone just paid Ford that million and then some to an actor who will make this film bigger at the box office without a doubt.

So, Stallone just gave Bruce Willis a Rocky knockout and Willis is looking like a jerk-off now and being laughed at because Ford just took his place. Stallone got the last laugh.


A million dollars a day? What a freaking joke. There are plenty of people involved in making these movies that deserve to be paid more than Bruce Willis showing up for 4 days and saying some words in front of a camera. I think I do pretty well for myself, but listen to this math – I can make my $100,000 each year working my ass off for 40 years until I retire, and Bruce Fucking Willis would have made the same as I did by remembering some words and not even trying for 4 days in The Expendables 3.

Honestly, if it would make a difference, I would completely stop giving Hollywood my money just so these guys could stop thinking they're god and demanding stuff like this. It's all ridiculous.

On the other hand, I look forward to seeing The Expendables 3.

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