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Thanks Riddick: Vin Diesel Eyes Another Sci-Fi Franchise With ‘Soldiers Of The Sun’

Thanks Riddick: Vin Diesel Eyes Another Sci-Fi Franchise With 'Soldiers Of The Sun'

So, is anyone actually anticipating “Riddick” next month or is Vin Diesel simply delusional about his cachet in the sci-fi realm? Either way, dude seems to love the genre and wants to keep blowing up aliens and mumbling or whatever it is he does.

The actor has attached himself to “Soldiers Of The Sun” that has a script coming from Arash Amel, the man behind this awards seasons contender “Grace Of Monaco” and the already forgotten Aaron Eckhart thriller “The Expatriate.” The plot? Sorta sounding like “Treasure Of The Sierra Madre” or boasting that influence at least, the story follows a bunch of soldiers looking for a lost city of gold in post-apocalyptic Mexico, but they have to fight off a bunch of alien Orcs in the process. We presume there’s more to this, otherwise it sounds similar to a lot of other things.

Anyway, as this develops, Vin Diesel will shoot “Fast & Furious 7” and be a tree or whatever in “Guardians Of The Galaxy.” But for those of you hoping he will once roam a desolate world blasting CGI creatures, the flame is still alive…. [THR]

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it seems like this writer's only ability is to be snarky

Starbuck buck buck

I'm waiting for Riddick. And after this shitty Elysium, which was supposed to be great for you smarts guys, I can't wait for Vin (and FYI I never saw any Fast & Furious)

I love art films

Great snark, snarky.

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