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Trailers from Hell: Ti West on Peter Jackson’s First Film, ‘Bad Taste’

Trailers from Hell: Ti West on Peter Jackson's First Film, 'Bad Taste'

Back to the ’80s Again! continues at Trailers from Hell, with filmmaker Ti West introducing Peter Jackson’s mini-budget gross-out New Zealand film debut, “Bad Taste.” 

Aliens harvest humans for fast food in Jackson’s film, poorly distributed and often
banned in various censored versions until he hit pay dirt with Lord of the
Rings. Having suddenly acquired respectability, it is now widely regarded as an
essential cult film, ironically depriving it of true cult status.

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"MEET THE FEEBLES" will always be my favorite – we called it "splatter puppets" or "Sesame Street on acid." But "BRAIN DEAD" had the best log line (thanks to my old friend Grace Carley: "a love story with guts!"

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