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Watch: Batman Yells At Sean Parker In New Clip From ‘Runner Runner’ Plus New Pics & Featurette

Watch: Batman Yells At Sean Parker In New Clip From 'Runner Runner' Plus New Pics & Featurette

BATFFLECK! With the nerds in comic book stores still wringing their hands with worry over Daredevil (dudes, that was ten years ago) taking over the cape and cowl, audiences will get an early taste of Bad Ben in “Runner Runner” (we’re presuming Batman will be a thorn in the side of Superman before they team up to save the world). And heading into the long weekend, a new clip, featurette and pics are here for the upcoming thriller.

Ben Affleck, Justin Timberlake and Gemma Arterton star in the movie about a college kid (Timberlake) who gets screwed by an online poker site and flies to Costa Rica to confront the sleazy owner (Affleck). What happens? Well, he gets a job offer and takes it, only to find out that his sleazy boss is—gasp—sleazy. Cue lots of yelling on beaches or something. This slick piece of entertainment is brought to you by Brad Furman, who actually elevated the otherwise routine “The Lincoln Lawyer” more than that material deserved, so maybe there’s more than meets the eye here?

“Runner Runner” deals from the bottom of the deck on October 4th.

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Alan B

THIS is how Affleck should play Batman, as an obnoxious ham who screams at everyone. It's going to be stupid, so why doesn't Affleck have some fun with the role instead of aiming for gravitas that he JUST. DOESN'T. HAVE.


Correction: Timberlake doesn't play a college "kid" which would be ridiculous, he's over 30. JT plays a grad student who dropped out from college and then spent a lot of time gambling online.

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