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Watch Episode 1 of Issa Rae’s ‘The Choir’ Series for Alright TV

Watch Episode 1 of Issa Rae's 'The Choir' Series for Alright TV

As announced back in February, Issa Rae has signed on to create original content for Alright TV, the faith and family-focused YouTube channel created by Tracey Edmonds and Robert Johnson

Her first offering, The Choir, is a comedic series about the personal, spiritual and often controversial dynamics of a revered church choir.” 

In Episode 1, which premiered today, the church pastor addresses the choir’s “spicy” performance. Check it out below. 

Episode 2 of the series airs September 12. Find the full programming slate for Alright TV at their website HERE.

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Kevin Sorrell

Whoa. Tough room.


Issa Rae… Wow… Smdh.

Miles Ellison

With all of the avenues for potentially interesting, original, and alternative content that the current media landscape provides, THIS is what people are producing?


Come on y'all, who's running this show, Tracy, Damon, Issa or Benoni, who has the power to say STOP! I mean, I CAN NOT believe everyone of the above thought this distasteful and poorly written product was worthy for public distribution, even as a web series.

Really, what's going on here, who wrote this, who thought this was funny, entertaining or amusing, and who is being paid? I don't know, but again, someone in that group had to know this was not a production they should have their names behind.




Poorly written. Poorly directed. Poor production values. It seems as though it was slapped together in someone's off time. I was hoping for a step up from ABG. I like Issa. I have even seen her on her talk show. She is EXETREMELY personable on that show. This is just disappointing.


Boring, unnecessarily drawn-out, and ultimately unentertaining.


I thought it was funny. Especially the idea of "that" kind of performance
in church.

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