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Watch: First Trailer For Spike Jonze’s ‘Her’ Starring Joaquin Phoenix; Arcade Fire Providing The Score

Watch: First Trailer For Spike Jonze's 'Her' Starring Joaquin Phoenix; Arcade Fire Providing The Score

Of all the movies set to show their wares this fall, perhaps the one that has been kept the most in the dark is Spike Jonze‘s “Her.” The set photos that have circulated certainly don’t betray anything of what his approach will be, and there have been no official stills, posters, teasers or websites to give up the game. That being said, Jonze did provide a peek to those who were lucky enough to be at the L.A. Film Festival in June, showing two clips from the oddball romance that stars Joaquin PhoenixChris PrattAmy Adams, Rooney MaraOlivia Wilde and (the voice of) Scarlett Johansson. Ostensibly, the movie is about a man who falls in love with a computer operating system, but as always, it’s much more than that.

“It’s a movie set in the slight future of L.A. and Joaquin Phoenix’s character buys the world’s first artificially intelligent operating system… it basically turns into a human, this entity, this consciousness, on his computer,” Jonze said about the film this summer, adding that the relationship between the man and machine evolves “into something more romantic.” Perhaps there’s shades here of Jonze’s short film “I’m Here“?

Anyhow, watch the trailer below to find out. Oh, and keep your eyes peeled on those credits: it turns out the film will feature music by none other than Arcade Fire. As you might remember the band and Jonze have collaborated before, with the Canadian group providing an acoustic version of “Wake Up” for the first “Where The Wild Things Are” trailer. Additionally, Jonze directed the 30-minute short “Scenes From The Suburbs” for the band. Oh, and that last song in the trailer clearly sung by Karen O of the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs? It’s not a YYYs track and a Karen O song called, “The Moon Song” which is an original song written specifically for the film (you’ll remember she wrote the “Where The Wild Things Are” score too).

Bonus round: After the trailer, check out a teaser (via The Drum) for yet another Jonze project, a mysterious music based gig he’s collaborating with YouTube on that requires some assistance from folks just like you. 

“Her” arrives on November 20th in limited release.

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What is the song at the BEGINNING of the trailer? Sounds really familiar but can't figure it out


The final song is apparently called The Moon Song and it's Karen O solo.


Ok looks like I've found it. It's called The Moon Song by YYYs Karen O. And the song was written for the movie. Which is probably why I can't find it anywhere


Yea I need to know the last song too. I know the first two songs but can't find the last one. I tried typing in the Lyrics I've searched and searched and nothing.


Anyone knows who sing the last song of the trailer ?


Without diverging in the convulsed mass of bullshit that the Indiewire comments section is notable for … Phoenix looks great, the trailer was engaging enough, sentimental Rom-Com's are in, and expect some Academy consideration.


Jaoquin Phoenix is DDL 2.0 (see what I did there ;-) for our generation…just the Academy won't see it for another decade or so…..LAAAAAmmmmmeeeee. But the film looks great!!!!

Adam Scott Thompson

In the future men will no longer date or court women. They'll just save up their money and buy a programmable, "life-like" fem-bot. Thanks, Japan.


to D: Yes, Chaplin is an undisputed master of film. I wasn't about to list every great filmmaker. To dispense with the playful tone of high dudgeon for second, I really think Chaplin's sentimentality is of a different sort. He manages to make it poignant and funny so he isn't just a sentimentalist.

Hopefully, Her won't be as corny and sentimental as the trailer. The arc of the story does seem pretty cheesy. But an actor of Phoenix's caliber can make almost anything seem interesting and sublime. He's as good as it gets.


If this were anyone else but Joaquin Phoenix I'd be hating on this thing hard. Willing to give it a shot though


The song is Skeletons by YYYs, on their It's Blitz album


The song is Skeletons by YYYs, on their It's Blitz album


Poor Lou, you don't have the discretionary insight or confidence to know whether something is ironic or not. Frustrated you resort to plebeian insults. I trust you wear a baseball cap backwards, tee shirts with clever phrases and drink plenty of beer. Best always, Frederich Hegel the fourth.


I love both the writer/director and lead actor in this, but it does look pretty corny and sentimental. Spike is apparently a bit of sentimentalist and that's unfortunate. As the great Paul Fussell said, "Sentimentality is the enemy of art." Of course, most film-goers, being half-educated silly Americans, don't really mind, or even love sentimentality, especially if it's packaged with A list actors and directors. But it's a cloying emotional strategy, quite unlike the resonance achieved by the stark avoidance of sentimentality. Watch some European films by masters like Kieslowski, Truffaut or Bergman for starters and you'll learn what adult story-telling on film looks like.


I'm really looking forward to this film. Also greatly enjoyed the music used for the trailer–any idea who wrote the last song? Is it Karen's voice from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs?


this comments thread is full of miserable people. just saying.

Nik G.

I'm a big fan of Jonze's work and this actually doesn't look as good as its potential suggests. Too dapper, serious, with hints of generic romantic comedy elements throughout. Hoping that I'm proven wrong when I see it, but I don't get all the enthusiasm from people. The only really great thing about the trailer is Phoenix and his awesome moustache.


Looks like the PR staff is out in full force today populating the comments. Can you REALLY create buzz for an apparent flapping turkey? How the mighty have fallen…. Bring back Charlie K.


So Spike Jonze's first original screenplay written by himself? His Inception? Also, apparently Spike isn't over his ex as a Yeah yeah Yeahs song plays during the first half of this.


Damn.So good.


Amazing!! Joaquin Phoenix is amazing.


Ah … another quirky romantic comedy with another endearingly clumsy male lead, just like the writers and the directors. Can hardly wait.

Where's HAL to pull the plug when you need him?


Looks terrible! Only stupid trustfund hipster white kids want to see this. No one else.


Very excited.


Damn that looks fucking amazing! November can't come soon enough. Hopefully it opens early at the NYFF.


Looks great. Joaquin is one of my favorite actors so I will be there the day it opens.

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