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Watch: Mesmerizing Trailer for ‘Visitors,’ Godfrey Reggio’s First Film in Over a Decade

Watch: Mesmerizing Trailer for 'Visitors,' Godfrey Reggio's First Film in Over a Decade

This trailer looks amazing: With a Steven Soderbergh production credit, “Visitors” will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival next month with a live score by members of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. This marks the first film in over a decade from director Godfrey Reggio, whose cult-status “Qatsi” trilogy captured the relationship between humans and nature. 

It seems that “Visitors” will see him explore similar territory, as the work has been described as revealing “humanity’s trancelike relationship with technology, which, when commandeered by extreme emotional states, produces massive effects far beyond the human species.” The two-and-a-half minute preview is strictly devoted to the anguished faces of several different subjects, accompanied by a foreboding instrumental work (again from Reggio’s “Qatsi” collaborator, Philip Glass). Like most of Reggio’s work, you may find it insufferably boring or latch onto its wavelength and find it mesmerizing.

“Visitors” will have its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 8. Cinedigm will handle the film’s release.

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Mark Seibold

This is yet another epic film artwork and meaningful scientific study in sociology of human nature by Godfrey Reggio. I realize that this short trailer could be a little longer as there are actual trailers on the web that show at least 2 or 3 minutes as a sample of 'Visitors' in Youtube. I wonder how many people that comment here have watched say, all three of the Godfrey Reggio Qatsi trio of films with no spoken dialog except for the original film that has the word Koyaanisqatsi chanted several times throughout the 82 minute film work. Also in today's world our youth are becoming severely attention deficit. I mean by youth, those under age 45 ~ 50. I live in the hottest growing cultural web of the nation, Portland Oregon, where half the world seem to want to live now. It was recently voted the most moved to city in America. I was born and raised here for 60 years now. I designed and bult my own home 26 years ago for my family, I have participated in producing many cultural films, worked with many artists, I've acted in major films up close as a background extra, worked on some voice-over projects; I've taught in a university as adjunct professor of astronomy a few years ago and have made perhaps over 40,000 miles of solo road trips over land and sea to conduct over 10,000 hours of sidewalk astronomy free for the public and and for schools as non-profit teaching. I may hold the record for call-ins to speak on NPR's Talk of the Nation for several years. I have worked with students and lectured to many levels of high school and college students. I can tell you that the new hyper speed of time is now equated to the faked world of play money. The world today is fast becoming very short on attention. It is speed driven as the new fake play money is driving it. The diagnosis of ADHD is an understatement in today's society. There are some good interviews in Youtube with Godfrey Reggio and Philip Glass, and many other trailer samples longer in length. Any search will bring those sites up. You should seek them and listen well to what he is describing. Godfrey Reggio is like a great truthful prophet in our time. And Philip Glass' music is a great therapeutic backdrop to Reggio's film works.


Reggio is a true master of the craft and has dedicated his life to exploring the language of cinema. Don't sleep on this.


Interesting. This seems something like Andy Warhols 'Screen Tests'. They may seem boring on the internet but when I saw some of them at MOCA in a dark theater they were mesmerizing.


2 min too long.


Huh? That is supposed to make me wanna see?

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