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Watch: Mystery Teaser Trailer For New J.J. Abrams Project…Can You Guess What It Is?

Watch: Mystery Teaser Trailer For New J.J. Abrams Project...Can You Guess What It Is?

For the legions who devour every Twitter fart, set photo, catering menu and shoot location news, here’s a reminder that sometimes, it’s just nice for something to drop out of the blue to tease audiences. The master of secrecy, J.J. Abrams, has just dropped a mystery teaser trailer to the folks over at EW, and what’s it for? Well, it’s a safe guess it’s not Star Wars: Episode 7.”

Running just over a minute long, the tease for the Bad Robot affiliated project shows a man stumbling around in the rain, eventually revealing a face with a stitched up mouth. We suppose we could trawl IMDB and figure out what Bad Robot production this might be, but that would take away half the fun (okay, we did try that, but at first glance nothing popped out). So what is it? Web series? TV show? Something as yet unannounced? Watch and then let us know your hypothesis below.

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Clearly know one was reading these threads properly or they would have picked up on A's comment | AUGUST 20, 2013 5:01 AM

No it's a clue for the book 'S'. There's already been a postcard from Brazil showing an object falling to the beach; a qoute with the same text from the text in the trailer and a promise of more clues to come.

It's a promo for JJ's New Novel out in October.

JJJ Abrams

An apology for the last season of LOST?

3 pee oh

wow you guys are nitwits. its obviously STAR WARS!


This looks like the Lost Rod Serling script that JJ supposedly acquired. The monologue sounds like Serling, add that star field open with the swipe to a lone character and monologue all in black and white. Then that typeface is similar to the twilight zone typeface.




A remake of the failed pilot The Stranger? 1973?

William G.

Well at first I thought it was Sub-Mariner (Namor) 'cause there were two runs where he lost his memory and this might tie into the Fantastic Four reboot… but then the whole mouth thing, not sure what that's all about so now I have no idea…

Jordan Leary

A remake of Dark City??? "Men are erased and reborn" The strangers?


Stumbling around in the rain? He's clearly on the shore of a beach.


I don't really care about the long game, but I like this tease.


I'm not fond of the speculation game, but doesn't he have a little too much on his plate now as it is? This could be a new Drew Goddard joint. It's been kind of quiet on his front.


Can You Guess What It Is?



Wizard of Oz/Scarecrow ?
Feels like the B&W was strategized here.


Swamp Thing?


Thought it was a remake of Star Man at first… Then The Crow… Then I had no idea…

Travis Hopson

This has to be that project Abrams and Bad Robot were doing with screenwriter Billy Ray, right?


The only mystery with JJ Abrams' projects is why they're so badly written and unimaginatively directed.

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