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Watch Now: Episode 1 Al Jazeera’s ‘French-African Connection’ Documentary Series

Watch Now: Episode 1 Al Jazeera's 'French-African Connection' Documentary Series

I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, but I will over the weekend, when I have the time to do so. 

As previously announced, starting last night, and on Thursdays during the months of August and September, Al Jazeera will screen three documentary series that spotlight the complex and topical relationship between France and Africa.

In a recent visit to Dakar, Senegal, French president Francois Hollande declared the end of the “Françafrique” era – the term coined to define France’s relationships with its former African colonies in which it supported unpopular African politicians for the sake of its economic interests in the region. But was he being forthright? Is it really the end of “Françafrique”?

Al Jazeera explores that and much more, in a series that began yesterday, Thursday, 8 August 2013, with The French-African Connection, described as a gripping three-part series that tells the dramatic history of the above relationship.

The French-African Connection is a brutal and nefarious tale of corruption; massacres; dictators supported and progressive leaders murdered; weapons-smuggling; cloak-and-dagger secret services; and spectacular military operations.

The series includes interviews with former oil barons; investigating judges into corruption scandals; former French ambassadors to African states; former French secret services; African presidents; and Francois Mitterand’s son.

The first episode premieres yesterday and is now online for you to watch. 

Embedded below you’ll find episode 1 in full (47 minutes):

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momar ndoye

Mr tesfaye you are right?they still doing it right,now. They even convict the son of the Ex President Wade , to 6 Years jail times, why because His Father kick them out for 12 years from Senegal, and start dealing with China And others countries. To punish Him , they put in jail Karim Wade, so others will think before kick them out. All the same , never ever wake up . Im senegaleese .AFRICAN, and not proud of my COUNTRY


When you listen to the western leaders preaching democracy and freedom of expression you might think that they mean what comes out of their mouths. I used to tell my friends that France is a menace if not a disease to Africa, and now the truth is open to whole world. They despise us, yet they can not survive without our resources. It is a high time for the westerners to understand that they are surviving through plundering our resources. They might say that its because of our stupidity, I agree to that too, but what can we say when they arrange for coups and counter coups only to save their interests? As Africans, we have to say no to this even if they gonna kill all of us. We have also to be aware with our supposedly true friend China, she too is using us, soon the whole of Africa gonna become her colony. We have to think of how they managed to reach where they are now. Lets open our minds, we can copy good ideas from others, but we should not allow them hold our minds in all aspects.


Thanks for posting. I'm anglophone and live in France and AlJazeeraEnglish has blocked this video here.

Tesfaye Ethiopia

@ SAM…are you saying that their intentions was different because it was translated incorrectly. Despite this though I don't despise what the French people did to West Africa for if they let you have it, you just took it. French being greedy and Africa being a fool, it was a perfect combination. What I don't understand is how they let you take their resources until today, do they never wake up?


The way they translated what the french-speaking people said during the interviews is very bad. French is not like English, you can't just translate the idea of the sentence, you also have to translate the way it's said in order to have the true meaning. If you don't speak French and only read those subtitles you probably have a very wrong idea of what they're saying.


Al jazeera is airing countries out lol …I love the fact that al jazeera is free! Like you can stream a live feed for free, oil money pays off :) Their documentaries are always good, looking forward to seeing this.


Thanks again, for the link.

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