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Watch: Red-Band Trailer For Catherine Hardwicke’s ‘Plush’ Starring Emily Browning Plus New Pics & Poster

Watch: Red-Band Trailer For Catherine Hardwicke's 'Plush' Starring Emily Browning Plus New Pics & Poster

It has been well over a year since we heard anything about Catherine Hardwicke‘s rock ‘n roll flick “Plush” but not only is it in the can, it’s hitting theaters in less than a month. Really. So it’s no surprise that a wealth of promo material is now hitting the internet, with the teaser trailer, poster and a batch of new pics all surfacing for the movie.

Starring Emily Browning (“Sucker Punch,” “Sleeping Beauty“), Cam Gigandet (best name ever), Xavier Samuel (Riley from “Twilight“), and Frances Fisher, the film was initially positioned as an erotic thriller and those elements seem to still be in play. The story follows rock star Haley who finds herself in a downward spiral after losing her band mate and brother to a drug overdose. Not helping matters is that her band’s new album is a critical and commercial bomb, and while she finds some hope in Enzo, a new guitarist in the band, when he wants to take things to next level, things take a darker turn.

All that said, this teaser is less focused on plot and more on mood, and it does that job effectively even if we’re still mostly wondering how it’ll all turn out. Anyway, check it out below along with lots of new pics and a poster for the movie. “Plush” hits on September 13th. [MTV/ONTD]

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El Hanso

Well, I like Emily Browning. I think she's quite talented and wish she would break through and get "real" roles. Thought "Sleeping Beauty" was great, but that one didn't take off. This one, however, looks just silly. It's trying way to hard to look dark and sexual. And that song – good grief! Awful!

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